New type of supply piping

Interesting new type of supply plumbing found on todays inspection. It appears to be white with blue line and a beaded necklace (intestine) type of look. It is also easily detached from hidden hose bib(s), how convenient. :smiley:


Come on Mark, at least they bothered to use RV type potable water hose.


Did you check the pressure?
Appears to be a little excessive

Craftsmanship at it’s finest note the pipe clamps at the structural member

Yep. that accounts for the RP (pressure reducing) valve inline above that contraption.

Looks like one of those balloons you buy at a fair. :slight_smile:

I am more concerned by the CMU being used for support.(bottom piece)

Mark is that supporting a beam or floor joists?

The concrete blocks are supporting steel beam of mobile home frame. Its ugly but typical around here…

joanbliss 149.jpg

Mark, around here saddle valves are not allowed , but I see them anyway.
Plus as far as the CMU goes , one is on end ,while the other is sideways.
Do you call that stuff out ? or it is just the way it is at that end of town:)

Its not a saddle valve, good eye though. Its actually bonding the copper supply plumbing to the ground.

The concrete blocks appeared to be aligned in the vertical direction not horizontal.

Fooled me,as I thought it was a saddle valve,plus I thought the CMU was two directions from the bottom and top block.
Guess my eyes are not that good after all.

Bob, do have documentation on that? Never heard that one before.

I think that type of piping comes with a lifetime warranty. Good stuff, but save the purchase receipt.