Plumbing vent question

No issues running water at any fixtures as far as drain goes but wondering if I should have paid more attention for a gurgle after looking at my roof still shots off the video I took.
No access due to it being 4 floors and the top floor tenant has a private deck access above the porch in the rear.
I used my 30 foot pole at full length for the attached picture.

The kitchen at my 2nd floor unit is in front and about 15 feet towards my position.(off that chimney)

The only plumbing vent penetration I see is at rear (close) and above what would be the master bedroom bathroom.
So all plumbing is on the right and the same side as that fireplace chimney you can see which is the front living room of the unit.
Typical open concept with kitchen overlooking the Living room .

My question is shouldn’t there be a second vent stack near the front ?

Notice in my second picture under the sink the drywall was removed and their is no island vent.

(no idea why drywall was removed) split block construction however).

OK what would you say if anything in the report.
I am stumped.



P.S ,yes I see the missing shingle.

Distance is at least 20 to 25 feet.
What would be the max IYO.

No answer for you but that chimney does appear to need a cricket, hard to tell from the angle but definitely looks bigger than 30". Just a thought.

Drywall was probably removed to add the insulation to the exterior wall.

Were you able to tell the diameter of the single vent stack? I would think it needed to be 3" minimum (possibly 4") for the entire vertical run to handle the demand of all the units combined. Pipe diameter will assist in determining the total horizontal run from the fixtures to the stack.

I’m on my phone and hard to see photos sometimes since won’t let me zoom in. Is the boot on vent correct? cant see if it goes over shingle

Plumbers can connect all the vents in the attic or inside walls etc. so that there is only have one roof penetration.

Yeah but what about the 5-6 foot rule and needing an island vent over that distance ?
Also they gotta slope 1/4 inch per foot.

Sounds like I should leave it alone ?
Worry wart here but hoping they did not slip in an aav.

Bob, Looks like they installed a vent loop under the cabinet and everything seems to be in order (very limited view). This loop allows the sink to act as venting for the other fixtures (kinda like an AAV). I would probably let it go with a comment advising if problems in the future that repairs to the system may be needed.

Ok thanks for the thoughts.
Built 2000 so odd they did not go straight up.
Only 3 units.

Every penetration through the roof is another possible nightmare to contend with, especially with multi-unit buildings.

The additional roof vent is behind the chimney ya can not see it with that dumb pole camera:p:twisted:

Yep that camera was to dumb to look for plastic pipe run through a chimney.
You’re a gem Charlie.

I stated behind the chimney not through it:p;-)

Oh really and how how would the accomplish that ?
You suggesting their are drains at the exterior ?:mrgreen:

Going to call you Mr Payaso…Spanish.

Seriously though I think they took out the drywall to add the vertical pipes as a island drain and most likely not an issue.

Normally it would be like its name sake at an island counter and not an exterior wall.

Jeff mentioned that above.

P.S to the member who warned me about public questions today.
Yep you were right :slight_smile:

I was on a roof once and all of a sudden the hair on the back of my neck stood up took a minute to understand there were NO plumbing vents thru the roof at least ya had one.:shock:

So it was not you smelling up the house after all.