Plumbing vents

This just didnt look right to me. i looked up the vent code from IAPMO, it says 2 fixures shall be permited to be served by by a common vent( 905.6). this was 3 fixtures ( sink tub and water closet). while still under the maximum loading for a 2 in. vent. Most of the time all vent connections are in the wall not the attic. Is this ok

Not sure of the issue here so maybe the graphic will help.

plumbing vents.jpg

What code book is that Bob. Mine shows diffrent dfu for a 2 inch.

2009 IAPMO Uniform Plumbing Code

That was VA code but here is another great link I had bookmarked and putting here in case you are in a hurry.Just looking.
Seems to have lots of good info.

Just realized that one is for Canada…looks like a world tour on my vent stack notes here .

I.C.C link…

Personally if you are running all and no gurgling it is probably OK.

Thanks Bob

The connections are allowed, and according to Table 7-5 of the California Plumbing Code, up to 3 fixtures are allowed on a 2" vent.

The consideration for me is with the slope of the vent. Even vents are required to slope at least 1/4 inch per foot. Yours looks pretty flat…

I was wondering about slope and 90 degree connections as well but not sure if wye and 1/4 inch@ foot slope apply on the vent or not.

Yep. Even vents “require” sloping, but it’s pretty rare to find it done properly.