Pole Barn Post Repair

Attached is a free graphic I made yesterday depicting a method to strengthen the lateral stability of several rotted posts in a pole barn with a concrete floor. This is a very specific case, but someone may have a need for it.


Thanks. I inspect a fair amount of pole barns.
Care to share what was involved with the method of discovery and the conditions present?
I can’t imaging walking up to a pole or three and pushing on it to see any movement from sub-slab rot.

First I know from many pole barn inspections post rot is the number one item I look for. I try to probe the base of the post with a long screwdriver. In this case the 50 year old posts at the lean-to were exposed and visually rotted, which confirmed what I already expected.

Here are a few pictures:


With the exception of the ones I see on Agricultural properties, (Farms/Ranches/etc.), the posts tend to be fully encased in concrete, thus my question(s).

The floor slab on this barn was poured later, originally a dirt floor.

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