Are these posts adequate?

The structural forum can be a little weak sometimes, :slight_smile: so here’s this.
I recommended finishing off the foundation wall, 10 year old home. I pointed out the tilt in one of the pads. I pointed out the huge checks in the one post and suggested it was vulnerable to water and insects, also two of the posts have a slight wow in them. I’ll bet they were put up green. I suggested they should be replaced, consult with a qualified builder or structural engineer. If strong enough, could be dressed with plank cladding or reinforced with 2X? Any ideas?


Depends what they are supporting. It could be said that information provided for structural comment is also occasionally a little weak.




post9.jpgThe posts are supporting an open deck at one end and a one storey breakfast nook at the other end, see the first pic. Here’s a few more.


Loads. What loads are they carrying? Without that information, no comment is possible. Nobody ever takes a picture that will explain the whole question. Close-ups are fine, but we need pictures that show the entire issue also. From those pictures, it isn’t possible to even guess at the loads carried on the posts.

I would say they are not adequate based on how they apear to be attached to the deck band. As far as loads, I would think that is variable based on the size of the party and the number of beer kegs:p

I would have to agree with Richard in part that the whole picture would help in responding to help in a more educated manner if we saw the whole picture and not just bits.

I will do what I can with what I see;

I see a cantilivered framing support of a breakfast Nook that is about 4’-6’ out from the main building.
Not seeing the whole picture, there is no way of knowing if the framing is cantilevered or an add on.

It appears that the long slender post are picking up the weight of the Nook which wouldbe an idicative that the framing for this nook, might not be cantilivered but an add on.

The post seem to be of a six x eight inch in size based on the built-up beam that consist of four members= 6"

The post overhangs the beam and toenails for attachment.

Thus, 7-1/2" post support.

It is possible that the post is off centered with the beam.

The post and beam attachment should have had something similar to

The chchecks in the wood post would be idicative of high moisture content of 30% at the time of installation and if the check is on only one side might not be a concern.
A full check to both sides might provide failure in the future and is well to note it as you see it.

The post are anchored at the base to provide lateral displacement in that connection.

The concrete sonotube bases although not perfectly plumb appear to be adequate.

The overall picture from what I see, this Nook is adequately supported.

The whole picture of the surroundings might show a different story, and that is why a panorama of the detailed pictures is important to make an assessment.

So the big question in my mind on something like this would be, are those post carrying a load or are they an aesthetic feature?

The latter would be of no concern.

I think this was a good pick up on your part and well noted to cover all bases.
It is better to note what you see than trying to figure out what the structural problem may be.

Recommend and Architect to review and question whether or not drawings from a designer are available or were provided for this build.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :):smiley:

The nook does appear to be part of the original design. I dug up some better views of the whole structure. Of course, we still can’t be sure if the nook is cantilevered but there is no sign of stucco cracks in that area.
I believe the post dimensions are 6X6, or more correctly 5 1/2 X . The design may have called for framing in the lower area with a lattice cover up about 8 feet from the ground, as this has been partly done, then abandoned along with the incomplete foundation wall.

By the way Richard and others who contribute here, as you know, i mean weak in the NUMBer of structural threads compared to say plumbing or electrical. Not weak in stature. :D:D Even Mr. M ain’t all that short. :D:D

I see what looks like a beam built up of 4- 2x something.
The post does not center on that beam, which is not good, but as Richard says, the necessity for support depends on the load.

Checks are not often an issue in posts, since they’re under compression and they look like they’d drain water well. Boring insects might be a problem if decay were evident in the checks.

Don’t know when this was built, but as Marcel mentioned, hardware has been speced for quite a while now although many old homes without it are doing OK.