Poll for Home Inspector Joke Contest

Read this thread that has the home inspector jokes.

Then vote…

Vote for post #2 and the joke by Jay M McArthur


Vote for post #3 and the joke by Bob Elliott

These are the two finalist and the winner will get $20 sent to them by paypal.
The winner will be selected by your votes.

Thanks for all those who entered a joke. I am sure some will like some jokes
above another, but these two finalist submitted good jokes and kept it clean

They both stink.

Yup, I like mine better :+1:

There should have been a vote for semi-finals!

Also, political and religious should be disqualified as being too contentious for libtards to vote in the best interests of the association/country!

Neither are original. They’re just variations on old jokes.

Mine may not have been funny, but at least it was original.

Don’t feel bad mine was just being sarcastic to John by picking on Trump.{ private laugh}

Pretty much they all sucked.

Just send them all $20 for contributing and issue is solved! :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize there was a joke contest. these are the finslists? wow, all the jokes must have sucked!! Not even worth voting on.

You want some funny material, look me up…

Sure can you post a picture ?

LOL You guys it was for 20 bucks not for Jay Leno . you get what you pay for . gezz .
Besides that anyone that won should donate to John’s favorite charity .

The National Recovery Home and Halfway house for Palin-Trump lovers ?

Jay M McArthur is the winner and will be sent $20 via paypal.
Congrats Jay.

Damn was gonna get new teeth with that dough.

I was catching up …demand a recount.

Thanks, it was cheesy.

I would like to donate that money to a charity you support John.

Thanks for the votes and sorry for the cheese, i am used to army humor.

You will forever be remembered as the first winner of Jokes for the John.

$20 was donated to Shriners Hospitals for Children®