For Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill but I am sorry to say you are mistaken . I can not remember saying bad about NACHI .
The ESOP yes and some members YES .
Bill Please remind people when you talk about me and ACHI the information you are giving out I gave to you in Complete confidence and asked you to not repaet it you Said Thanks for the iNFO roy and yes I will keep it to my self . You I am afraid have violated my trust in you and have sunk very low .
To Bad Bill you used to be an honerable person who wanted to help our industry . Asking James these questions He did nothing different then you ahve done with OAHI more then once .
You Have tried to destroy them and now you crawled back hoping they will except you Looks like you are having triuble geting excepted BY OAHI/CAHPI
Guess you burned too amy Homies

As long as The Mullens of the world persist WITH THERE DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO CONTROL FOR $$$$$$$$$ and fame, the real FREE thinkers will continue to out perform them continually and see through there motive.
It the 2100 century.
No more greed thank you.
Whats his favorite saying again?
OH yes " save me from my competitor "


If you can find one example of me making money out of my industry work, I will pay you double that amount.

I can show you records indicating that I have spent thousands of my own money to help others.

If you can’t substantiate your nonsense claims, I welcome an apology.

Bill Mullen

Bill I will retract that statement. It was unfounded.
Fame will that’s another story.
Look do not get me wrong.
As for your statement of any one can get a friend to help them pass is correct.
I believe in AT ARMS LENGTH.
Maybe you had good intentions once but your is not only the way to do things and you have knocked your fare share of members and associations.
No I will not go running to prove that.
Sorry for the $$$ thing Bill but cash is not the only way people get paid.
Case closed sir.

PS: Yes I am sorry for the cash symbol Bill. That is all, it was meant to be symbol and it was done with a knee jerk reaction to your constant attacks on InterNACHI and members here and other association you complain about.
I do not dispute your abilities as a HI nor you. Its the way you get things done that rubs me the wrong way.

Originally Posted by ryoung7
Mr. Mullens.
You have made quite a short list of friends and long list of enemies during your carrier.
I have read a bit of your thinking pattern and can only say thank God you do not controlled the home inspection industry, although you have tried.
I am in agreement with everyone here when HI’s like yourself come to tear down the top Home Inspection association and it’s leader.
Funny everyone runs to it as you and MacNiesh hammer away effortlessly to bring it down.
You are still allowed in.
Gee if others did that at lets say CanNachi, what would happen Roy.
Alberta gave INACHI it its blessing.CMI remember?
As others like you try to dislodge Vern from the Alberta government meetings.
Shame on you sir.
Your mane will be remembered and not for the positive strides that others accomplish.:mrgreen:


I was hoping you would not continue to embarrass yourself with wrong statements.

Let’s start with the nonsense about you claiming that iNAChI was recognized in Alberta. The CMI designation has received approval, but according to Nick’s many, many statements, the CMI has nothing to do with iNACHI. Strange how Bill excepted the CMI then was embarrassed because he did not fill in his application many months of asking he then resigned his CMI . A while later Claude Lawrenson also resigned his CMI also .
Now he makes fun of those who are legitimate CMI Holders

In other words, iNACHI has no standing with the licensing program in Alberta or any other Canadian province. The iNACHI members do not meet the requirements anywhere in Canada.
He was a NACHI member but again was caught in many lies about getting the proper NACHI signs on his web site . He bragged about not ever putting the NACHI signs on his web site…

Next, I have never done anything to exclude Vern or anyone else for meetings. No doubt you got this misinforation from Roy Cooke, who had a chronic problem with the truth. For the truth, feel free to contact Vern.
…Bill has many times accused me of lying when asked to show where he never could
Unfortunately, your opinions and statements are not considered worthy of attention because you base them on the foolish nonsense spewed by Roy Cooke and his buddies.
I sent a charge into PHPIC about Bill and strange how the DPPC Chair was Claude He sat and they accused me of wrong doing and asked me to sign a letter with Bill . Well Unfortunately PHPIC has no control over me a none member the Charge was not acted upon I ( I was not surprised ) Claude should have removed him self form judging
Here’s a challenge, Robert: Ask Roy if he has ever actually earned any valid credential. He will no doubt lie, because that’s how he operates, but the truth is, he has never earned a valid home inspection credential.
…Bill is again desperate I had an appeal with OAHI regarding some marks . 5 RHIs sat on the appeal committee and all 5 vote in my favor zero voted for OAHI .
OAHI spent about $35,000;00 on lawyers fees . I spent just over $1,000;00

  • took OAHI to small claims court and they settled the evening before court giving me $1,000;00 *

Roy Cooke is unfortunately a joke well past his expiry date.

Thanks Bill you hated me so much I was kept from the first group of NCA applicants .

Last time I followed what was going on in Alberta Vern had mention CMI.
Me being so tired forgot the CCHI designation Garry achieved.
I will keep more up to date.

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Email me after Roy.

I am a little concerned myself, for the Alberta Government to appoint a group that receives any financial gain (cost of Inspection) of any sort is a concern to me and others, I can remember many trades that in the past that used the grandfather clause in which no member that was grand fathered ever gained from that “in any way” other then being a good member of that organized/professional group. I don’t know the CMI/RHI person, have they ever had a claim or had been sued. The speed of all this is a real concern to many across Canada and the States. BC had three years, we were notified in May 12,2011 and at that the start date was March 31,2011 in which we had to comply by September 1.2011. and then if needed only given a two year extension ? to become a CMI or a RHI you must be in the business for no less then three years? this is an unachievable goal. Between me and another owner of Home Inspection company’s we have had 9 company’s call and asked if we were willing to buy them out. Let me make this very clear to all, I have no problem assisting to make this a better and more respectable field of Inspection as long as it is clear all around and not so shady, I am even being asked through customers about this. A statement was made that in a 4 and a half year length of time with 250 Inspectors only 18 complaints were made to service Alberta, so even at that rate of one inspection per day per inspector that comes out to 1,642 inspections, this hardly warrants such a stern crack down on this industry in such a harsh manner. Why so fast? why was the first action not taken to make sure all in the field had insurance and a business license, then go after the bad guys that are causing errors and grief to this industry. This looks very one sided to all and sneaky. This is just my opinion.
AND yes “congrats” on passing your inspection, its just to bad you had to.

Bill,has done more for Canadian home inspectors than any one on this forum,has he always done every thing correct,of course not,none of us have,but with out his input ,we would as inspectors would have no credibility at all.
Rather than always pass blame,some of you should step up to the plate,and spend the time to make a difference,then after all your hard work and time spent to make a difference,you can whine and ***** to your hearts content.
Before some of you beat me up,I have spent more than 27 years ,trying to improve this profession,have I always had all the answers,of course not.
When you can prove to me ,you have spent thousands of hours,being productive,improving this profession,let me know.

Harry thats a cop out for you to claim that no one has stepped up to the plate. You know darn well we have all tried through various methods to get things sorted out. We all have hit a brick wall. The problem is bigger than it can be dealt with given the fact that 7 associations and two regions now have licencing and each of those province has different requirements.

Please don’t imply no one is not doing anything. I am just as proud of my participation in the home inspection profession as you are of yours.

Since 1991.

I’m letting you know.

I agree with you “Whole Heartedly” Rick. This was started by CAHPI years ago in an attempt to get a strangle hold on the industry. If it wasn’t for Vern we’d all be pooched. But as anyone that lives in Alberta knows, the government went in as sbackwards and decided they knew best. They ignored most of what was presented to them and dreamed up their own standards. Instead of letting the associations govern their membership they invented scenarios in which a $10,000 bond would be required. They insist that Carson Dunlop is the only legit training institute so they grandfathered them while ignoring other schools. They even lied to our faces and said that other schools have been notified of the changes months ago. It wasn’t until after the June meeting that the brainiacs decided they better hire a consultant to deal with the influx of schools trying to get accredited.
And as far as others profiting off of our governments BS, I have to agree to a point. We now have 6 weeks to run a LOT of Home Inspectors through a TIPR. This is going to put me OUT of my regular business for that time. I have to charge a reasonable amount of money to cover the cost of travel, hotels, meals, rent of test site and loss of regular business. Not to mention postage and processing time once I’m home.
In the end this may yield some positive results, but in the short term it’s a pain in the as s. ](*,)

Roy in red below

Not thousands of Hours but I have done and continue to do as much as I can to help all .

5/2/11, 5:59 PM

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**Please Note: **hjanssen is a non-member guest and is in no way affiliated with InterNACHI or its members.

Re: $60,000 GIC of monies collected from Nat. Cert. Holders Missing - OAHI Mum on Iss
Raymond,you do not like any thing,I ,Bill ,Claude, post as you know every thing better than all of us,I am glad you are so smart and since you have all the answers,you will not hear from me again.
Best wishes

Welcome Back Harry glad to see you post again , I do not agree with your post about Bill .
I do think Bill could have done much to help our Canadian Home Inspection Industry .
**Unfortunately he wanted to have control of every thing and was not open to advice from **

Yes Roy I will excuse myself.
Now have had a good night sleep and having may faculties a bit sharper, I will excuse myself to all party’s.

Bill there is ( no excuse ) for my lack of attention to facts but to say stress is most probably at the bottom of it all.

Mr. Mullens
Please accept my humble apology’s.

I was confusing your name with someone else and not explanatory to events I was to use as example.
I will also jump to Mr. Roy Cooke’s defense.
He has never mentioned negative nor slanderous innuendo about anyone and your name in the same sentence or breath.
I state that in all honesty.
I state that as Gods honest truth!!!
He has mentioned your name to me and that he regards you as a " friend " that do not see eye to eye.
This was last year when I asked him questions about other associations and there members and the Home inspection industry in Canada in general.
I was curious to the missed directions and the many missed opportunity for Canada’s HI industry to seek that elusive minimum standard everyone talks about for the industry as a whole.
Not just for there own fame.
So please do not put any blame on Mr. Cooke.
" It sits squarely on my shoulders."
I am not making any excuses.
I should learn to stay away from the message board when tired or stressed or both, which seems to be to almost always as of late.
Again excuse me and accept my apology.
It is given with sincerity and I am ashamed by my actions.

**One thing in life I have learned sir is to take responsibilities for my own actions.
**I take this INDUSTRY seriously and do not wish my name to be targeted as ( a misinformed individual )or a smear campaigner.
It will take some time to educate myself and only wish for dedication like yours, Mr.Cooke’s and the countless others that have done the work to try to clam a provincial or national minimum standard.
Your truly.

Nick,no doubt you have spent countless hours,no question,my point was to point out those that spend thousands of hours and emails,whining and complaining,thats not the same as moving the profession forward.
I need say no more.

I understand your point but lets be clear about your statement sir.
Whom is doing the judgment.
So lets see now. Closed Message Boards are forward thinking, Hmmmmmmmm. NO.
Lets see, save me from my competitor is forward thinking, Hmmmmmmm NO.
Free education.
Advancing the industry has many faces SIR.
Getting all the association to talk about the industry problems like Nick offered and ACHI offer.
Gee to late in Alberta.
Wow BC was the calling card.
That’s forward thinking and helping the indusrty.

So when judging for value sir you have to take an unbiased look.
Can you?

One last statement Mr.Jensson.
Everyone is jealous of the man that turned them on there ear. Did what they could not.
Really grow an association.
INACHI CANADA is bigger than all Canadian association combined.
So lets see the proof where INACHI INSPECTORS are not as worthy.
That’s it that’s all.
Its networking and forward and free thinking home inspectors that change the industry sir,
I have been in the industry listening to all the self gratifying SOB.s that want there name carved above the door for 16 months now and I am appalled by most.
The home inspectors do not even have a vote at these self appointed locked down associations from what I here.
So yes nothing perfect but INACHI is sure better then being locked in an association fearing to talk to others and learning a bit of the whole story.

What have you done Mr. Janssen?

How come you never mention the corruptness, the discriminatory practices, fixed proxies, improper accounting methods of OAHI-CAHPI?

Or how applicants for the National were ripped off by certain parties?

Oh wait a minute… I know why you sit and say nothing. All the parties involved are either your biz partners, or friends.

Yes Harry you keep your mouth shut in order to maintain your image for posterity.

Quite a silent record you have Mr. Janssen.

Raymond I applaud you zeal, integrity, pit-bull attitude when fact finding, unwavering in destiny, not afraid of consequences inconfutations with proof.
If I could only gain the right balance and harbor my thought with examples of your, Mr. Cooke’s, Vern’s , Mr. Cyr, and others, for attitude and mental capacity for retaining thought and fact I will archive my dream.
One day at a time.
Gees Louise Ray mother did not bore a dumb child and your gift is dearly enjoyed by many including myself.