Today's Daily Door Prize donated by Nick Gromicko.

A $375 check to the first person who replies to this post with their name, city, state and NACHI ID# to be used to become a CMI.

The check can be used to pay the one-time, life-time fee to become a Certified Master Inspector at

Winner should check to make sure he/she qualifies first at

John McKenna
Crockett TX

I pass it on to the next guy… I am already CMI…
but wanted to see if I could win at least once…

Tony Siegert
Denver CO

Pass It looks like I have a little ways to go still.

Thanks Nick

We need to go 4 wheeling some time!

Wendy Forsyth
Shelton,Washington NACHI06020692


After evaluating what I submit for education ( I obviously don’t have the inspections) you can decide if I qualify or not. If I do not currently qualify, I would like to hold onto it until I do qualify, or the cash equivalent.


Way to go Wendy!!!

John McKenna
American Home Inspection

Thanks John! :slight_smile:

I’m looking for someone who currently qualifies

I do qualify if Canada is not to far north

Bob Francis
Toronto, Ontario

As do I if Texas aint to far south

BARRY ADAIR Owner-Inspector-Moisture Analyst
TREC # 4563
NTTAREI: Advanced Inspector
GARLAND, TX 75042-4238

Are you really posting these at 2 in the morning!? Is that eastern time?

nelson sager
frontline home inspections
mankato mn 56001

Bob Francis won!

and yes, I worked until 3am last night.

Today’s door prize contest already posted.

Dang…I was sleeping when this one was offered…lol…yeah…I qualify…:slight_smile:

Bob should get a kick out of my personal check. It has US flag in the background, “Proud to be an American” on top and the following line under the $ amount: “Governments prefer unarmed peasants.”

No joke.

Nick you are the greatest I love it

Bob you should take a copy mark it copy and frame it . Roy Cooke Sr

I WON???

Wow, thanks Nick, look forward to seeing this SPECIAL check, and I will use it towards CMI.

Roy I’ll copy it to show you the next time we see each other.

Again Thanks Nick

=D> Congrats Bob !

Nick Thanks I got it interesting looking cheque. CMI here I come.