Poll - How Many Photos?

How Many Photos Do You Include In Your Reports (average).
For me it is around 60-120.

I just did one with 261 and hope I do not get too many like that again.:roll:

10 to 15 on average. I think the most for me was around 60.

I am the pot calling the kettle black , but I hope everyone knows this is where all the time doing reports go’s.
Downloading, resizing, placement, comments,circles , and arrows.
There is a price to pay for a good looking report.
I will stick with that method anyway.

average better than a hundred per property.

Today… 106 and 122… 1973 Townhome and New Constr SF…

I take about 75 and end up adding 15-20 of them to the report.

I take between 125-200 per inspection, some properties are very old and warrant extra photos, but the report only gets between 5 and 20. I only include pictures of items the client would never see (crawl spaces and attics), are difficult to explain (a picture is worth 1000 words) and pictures the client just absolutely has to see.

Same here. If I walk the client through the photos via the laptop prior to report delivery and they request all the photos, I just burn them all to a CD and mail them to the client as an added service.

On average I take 120 and use about 60-70

I usually take 70 to 150 photos, and included 2 to 20 in the report. I generally only include photos of items where there is a recommendation to do something (if it makes sense).

For those of you who include 100+ photos, I am curious to know why. Are you simply including all the photos you take at the inspection?

see post seven

I take at least a 100 but only 15 - 20 make it to the report. I like to use my pictures for “note taking” which saves me from doing a lot of writing during the inspection.

Same here, I save all photo’s to a disk and place them in the clients folder for future reference.

I must just be lazy… :mrgreen:

I ‘zip’ all the photos and email them, 15 - 20 or so make it into the body of the report.

We look at all of them on a laptop after the inspection and I let them know then that they get them all later (try saying that fast before your second cup of coffee…:shock: )

My standard is this: You can’t have a concern without a photo(s). You can’t have a concern without a what caused the concern (so it does not happen again), and you can’t have a concern without a proper solution to repairing the concern. So I also attach web-sites to most all concerns, how it should look photos, and photos of what caused the problem in the first place if possible.

So it just depends on the condition of the home as to how many photos are needed.

Over a 100 taken during the inspection but I also only add between 10-30 pictures in the report.

Ok, call me a gold digger if you must. :twisted: But I take around 200 photos of the home inside and out. The only photos that make it to the report are of problems and safety issues. The rest I offer for sale to the client. Yes I said I sell them to the client. 9 out 10 buy them. I charge them $35 dollars to burn them to a cd and include them along with the report, invoice, sop, scope, and contract. Most of them like the idea of being able to show what the home looked like when they bought the home, or being able to show the insurance agent what the home looks like just in case of a disaster or break in. I know you guy are nice guy’s, but quit giving your money away. :mrgreen:

Excellent job, Mark!:wink:


I do one drawing per report myself

Too funny!
Pretty good sketch if I must say though!:slight_smile: