Polybutylene Piping

Somebody asked me how we treat PB - Depending on condition I have different comments, BUT here is one …

The primary water supply lines in the home are “Polybutylene Plastic” (PB). This type of plumbing has experienced a higher than normal rate of leaks or plumbing line failures (often at fittings – both plastic and metal), and some Polybutylene Piping has experienced premature system failures. There have been several “Class Action Lawsuits” involving the product. Although there are NO requirements that Polybutylene Piping be removed from a house with it, SOME people prefer to remove it. Polybutylene has been REMOVED from the National Building Codes list of acceptable plumbing supply line material for NEW houses. For more information on this material, see http://www.polybutylene.com](http://www.polybutylene.com/), or do a GOOGLE search for Polybutylene Piping. We also STRONGLY recommend that you do your own research on this type of plumbing system and rely on the evaluation and advice of a licensed plumbing specialist prior to the close of escrow that was CONTACTED by you and NOT a seller or real estate agent. Several highly competent plumbing contractors familiar with Polybutylene Piping and its problems are:
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American Plumbing Company @
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I did my investigating with the Quebec CCQ and since over 500,000 homes have had this piping installed and although poly-B has been replaced by the super-pex, poly-b the CCQ has no intention to ask for removal and does not encourage scaring the public for no reason. Legends will remain legends!
I often demonstrate my shark push fittings
Beauchemin, Marc-Andre

I have a similar statement or paragraph regarding PB. I also make sure my client understands what PB is and the problems that can arise with it. I also let them know I have personally seen PB fail, but some people with this type of water line never seem to have a problem. I also inform the client some insurance companies will not insure a home with PB (and a special rider may be required).

What type of chemicals do you have in your public water systems up there?

Did you know that chlorine weakens PB pipe over time?

For me, this is a “no-brainer.” Once a product has been determined to be defective by the manufacturer or a court of law, I will not endorse it - period. I don’t care if it’s in pristine condition.

Polybutylene piping systems are the subject of class-action lawsuits and have been determined to be defective. As such, we do not endorse this system regardless of its condition at the time of the inspection. You should consult a qualified plumbing contractor during your inspection contingency period to evaluate the plumbing supply system, because the cost of re-piping the residence may significantly affect your evaluation of the property.

I have a similar narrative for Cal-Shake roofing material and specific horizontal furnaces.

PB 2110

  • Polybutylene piping present and detected in areas of the home.
  • Recommend plumbing review to determine the extent of PB within the home along with obtaining estimations for replacement of the piping at this time.