polybutlene pipe in mfg. homes

Have a question about these pipes. I recently inspected a mfg home that had poly pipes. I did not call out that they6 were poly pipes and now I will need a lawyer. The buyer did some research and found some sites that told him all the woes. Any one out there that has had a similar problem? Am I to replace all the pipes? Wayne B.

PB piping should be replaced - period. It’s only a matter of time before it leaks. If you failed to properly identify the piping and make appropriate recommendations, then you may be liable.

Turn it over to your insurance carrier.

Hi Wayne

Did you identify in your Report the Type of water pipes in the Shaq?

Reason I ask, whether there has been litigation supporting the replacement of PB Piping I have spoken to several licensed Plumbers who claim they do not see any more failures with PB than they do with PEX.

Did the piping have the fittings which were in the class suit?

I expound on the Piping in a Report myself, and also state there have been class action suits regarding PB Pipe, I recommend they have a plumber review the pipe and installation methods before their inspection contingency period ends.

If you have four different Plumbers look at the system you will get four different opinions…

What the hell… might as well drag the Seller under the bus with you… Was it listed in their disclosure??? If it was, they can’t claim ignorance that it was present, even if you failed to report it.

When you say you didn’t “Call Out” they were PB Piping, did you write the Interior Water Piping was Copper, or something else?

Or did you not mention period what type of water pipes were in the Shaq?

Following any standards of practice writing a report the type of piping is to be stated (as I’m sure you know), I’m wondering what you did exactly.

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Have a question about these pipes. I recently inspected a mfg home that had poly pipes.The pipes are the ones in the class action suit (PB 2110-4137). However I have had 4 different suggestions from replace them now to some plunbers have not had any more repairs than with PEX). The fittings are copper and have never had a leak (built 1n1980). The home is on a private well and there are no known chlorines in the water. There are crimp tools avail. to the home owner. The seller did not list the PB pipes on disclaimer. Should he have received information about the suit? (suit time line ended in 2009) and only if a leak was considered qualified! I wouldhave thought that there should have been a re-call??? Wayne B.

Thanks to Brian, Dale, Jeffrey P and Jerfrey J. for their input. I did a re-inspect on only the pipes to ascertain that they were indeed PB 2110- ( most of the lettering was illegible). I misrepresented them as CPVC - OOPS! New owner was more that happy to have me ascertain they were PB. Note my response on Private well. Wayne B.

I hope you have insurance. I would try to see if they will allow you to pay for a plumber to come over and do an inspection of the plumbing as a way to settle.

Unless a MH is fairly new I just assume before showing up there is going to be PB in it. Once I get there I confirm it, take lots of photos. I find a lot of them have a pressure reducing valve installed underneath the home, usually installed after the fact and not at the factory. I also find a lot of them leaking as well.

Unfortunately, most pre-1995 modular and mobile homes have PB. Sometimes not immediately obvious when looking below sink cabinets. Usually able to confirm PB at the water heater. Good luck.