Just curious what the rules are for Florida and items involving water and the need for a fence. I understand the rules for say a pool, and the need for a barrier for safety, but what about say a large pond in the yard, or a canal in the backyard, is it a requirement to have a fence or barrier? Almost everything I have seen I have never seen a fence or anything like that, but was searching online and they make it sound like anything deeper then a few feet needs a fence, then I read its suggested but not a requirement, so just wondering what others do during a home inspection if they run into something like this.

A lot depends on the AHJ and how they enforce it. I don’t necessarily mention anything in the report unless I know for sure. I don’t perform municipal inspections or code enforcement. Leave that to the proper authorities. Just my take on it. Others may think differently as we all have different opinions on the same subject.


Here’s the definitions most AHJ’s follow to determine the need for a Barrier:

Swimming Pool – container 24” or deeper filled with water for swimming or recreation

Spa – container of heated water for soaking and/or therapy (generally smaller than a pool)

Please note I DID say MOST.

According to the pool class yesterday at the conference, it only applies to a structure that is designed for swimming or bathing. Canals and ponds do not count.