Swimming pool barriers be careful

If a Home Inspector’s scope is not to inspect swimming pools but if an inspectors see’s a hazard associated with the pool he needs to quote it on his report many municipality have adopted the code section in the appendix G of the INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL CODE Over here in Southern California Riverside we have a code rquirement for swiming pool barriers now specially if children are around. Well for speaking up on a swimmig pool that had no barriers during a home inspection i done, a Realestate agent denied to pay for the inspection and worst of all he turned the buyers against me all in the interest of life safety i made recommendations. BE CAUTIOUS SOME REALESTATE AGENTS ARE CORRUPT they want you to work their way caring less about life safety i been inspecting for over 12 years but not too much on home inspections i had a bad experience with a Realestate agent be aware fellow inspector’s who you work for from Riverside Ca Jose A. Guillen the Inspector.