FREE Pools and Spas Inspection Checklist.

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Thanks Nick for this checklist! Very helpful.

Another freebie to help Members.

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Thanks Nick :slight_smile:

Boy I most be getting old, I took the pool course, and the check list is in it, o’ well the printer was lonely any way…

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4 points though, 36 years in the pool industry and I have never seen a Bacteriological water analysis done unless there was a suspicion of a problem in a commercial setting (not that it’s a bad idea) and the part about “a clean sight glass or 3 foot outfall” only pertains to those pools having filters that require backwashing ie. not cartridge filters. All chemical feeders need to be the last equipment in line on the return side to the pool. Lastly please realize that not every thing on the list is REQUIRED such as heaters.

I only point these out for those that don’t do this kind of inspection otherwise the list is pretty good.

All I know is when I have a pool question, Larry is the man! He only charges me $29.99 per answer…

Still waiting for payment. (JK) I answer to NACHI members free.

Another swimming season start in the great white north. Pools and spa’s need to be inspected for a fee!
Thanks Nick.
Always great resources here.

With all the child deaths in Florida I hope the ‘list’ contains special instructions & emphasis regarding the pool safety enclosure.