Pool DE Filters

Can someone give me advise please? I performed a pool inspection on a a pool with a DE filter. I opened the housing to inspect the ribs etc . The seller is complaining that I opened it on an inspection. Is backwashing a necessary part of inspecting theses? Can I just take off pressure and inspect? Thank you.

I use the checklist included in the “how to inspect pools and spas” course and it calls for making sure “The pressurized filter tanks and hair and lint traps are not leaking and are properly sealed.” The DE aggregate is held in place under pressure. Did you happen to notice any pressure change after? I assume the homeowner said they had to backwash and add more DE because you pulled the filter? The specific model user guide will tell you for sure.

Just a follow up. I guess what happened is the seller was upset about my write ups. Seller is not a very pleasant person ( let’s put it that way) . Buyer gave my report to sellers and the seller was accusing me of causing the write ups , everything from adding sticks to his skimmer basket to pulling caned lights out of the ceiling.
Back to the filter he did not think it should have been opened and I explained why I opened it and what I was inspecting. I washed the small amount of DE that was on the packing between the housing half’s in order for it to seal and he claimed he has to add more DE now .
Wants to charge me for basically a pool call out and DE . I am going to pay for it , but asked the seller to get that much off the house.
Not sure what I can learn from this as it’s the first complaint I have had. I know sometimes you just got to pay as it’s not worth my time but it really chaps me to listen to this guy spew lies about what I did when I know he is really just upset that my report has cost him bigger money.

Thanks Aaron. I just pulled the cover, I did not pull the filter out. I inspected the filters Condition and condition of the DE. I hate checking these though . From experience if you don’t get all the sand off the packing it will leak when put back together.

Some people take our inspections as a personal attack and get offended when we point out issues. Some people are just assholes who will make up lies. Not sure which you’re dealing with but try not to take it personally.

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Thanks Aaron , I am dealing with both. I appreciate the advice, wife is saying the same thing as she could hear him being nasty from across the room. I really do care about my level of work so it’s hard to hear those things with a closed mouth.
Good news the realtor that worked for him said that he read my report and it was very thorough and professional and he will be using me in the future as he just started back up as a realtor and does not have an Inspectors yet.
Thanks again.

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Hey Jason,

I don’t open or backwash DE filters because DE should be added after backwashing. I mainly check to see if I can tell where the back wash goes. In my area, it’s not supposed to be disposed of above ground where it can enter streams or affect aquatic life.

Here’s a link to a county website that mentions DE (not near me but informative). https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Health/Environmental-Health/Pools-and-Spas/Proper-Disposal-of-Pool--Spa-and-Filter-Water/

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