Pool insp ?

I’m taking the pool inspection course now and considering offering them I the future. The pump in the picture is plugged into a functioning GFCI however should it also be grounded/bonded to the pool?


OK, thanks for the reply.

Is it an in ground pool?

Make sure minimum wire size for bonding a pool to the equipment 8AWG Copper

It is above ground. So the pump should be both bonded and grounded? Is that correct?

The pump …Yes!
I’m not sure about an above ground. I don’t think so! I’m not sure how that could be done unless the pool frame is metal with connections to hook it up.

It is actually an aluminum frame in this case. I guess my real question is why do you bond the pump to the pool? I understand the grounding of course but the bonding only potentially serves to energize the occupants of the pool. Granted, the gfci should take care of that in a fraction of a second, but…

No, that isn’t quite right.

Learn more about equipotential bondinghere and more info here.


OK I’ll do that. Thank you everyone for the responses!