Pool inspection and strainer pot

Just made a home inspection with pool and run in to an unusual situation that hasn’t happened before. The pool pump was continuously running and water was circulating through the jets. What seemed unusual to me was the strainer pot never had water going through it. I’ve always saw water circulating through the strainer pot attached to the pump. Why would no water be circulating through the strainer pot.

Their was a solar energy system which was circulating.

Was there an automatic vacuum? If so the valve may have been set to pull from the vacuum and not the skimmer.

I think it was just a valve setting. I’ve have seen lines marked as VAC for the skimmer also. Were any of the lines marked? They should be if they are not.

more than one pump?

No auto vacumn. There was a valve set midway btwn the fountain and the drain.

Unless the fountain sucks water the two wouldn’t be on the same valve.

Even when missing an auto vacuum and hose, the insert it attaches to could be wide open. Was there a valve just before the pump inlet?


I’m confused. You stated no water in the strainer pot; are you describing the pool’s skimmer or the pump’s strainer basket, perhaps with a clear lid?

It’s impossible to not have water in the strainer pot/ basket if water is flowing into any part of the pool, as it must move through the pump.

Just a thought, if the pump and filter system is on a timer and the heat system is manual, then heat could be energized by closing a valve and starting pump and forgetting to turn timer off for filter system Pump came on after and sucked water out of strainer.If there is no air bubbles in pump strainer sometimes it is hard to see the water in it. The other thing is, did one pump sound a lot louder than the other or were they both the same?

Thanks guys, it appears the strainer pot had so little air that it looked like there was no water in it. No problem.