Aeration from a pool jet

While inspecting a property recently I noticed a sidewall jet in the pool was aerating quite a bit - loud enough to catch my attention. I didn’t see any controls for aeration in the pool so it made me wonder if that was by design or possibly a problem with the piping supplying that particular jet. Any insight or experience with this condition is appreciated.

If there is not an open standpipe somewhere that is acting as a scavenger to create bubbles then more than likely there is a hole or loose connection the piping somewhere.

Thanks for the advice Charles

It may be a hydrotherapy jet, some pool builders pipe the air intake quite far away. If not it’s probably an air leak on the suction side of the plumbing, you should see air in the pumps lint pot (strainer).

I would agree with the idea that there is a leak. Was the water level low? Was there a pool sweep running?

I would listen to Larry, that guy knows pools…

Thank you Russell.
If the pool piping (we don’t call it plumbing) is leaking on the return side (pressurized side) it will not cause air bubbles at the return fittings, air can’t come in while water is leaking out. How ever if the piping is leaking on the suction side it would pull air in when the pump is running and unless the leak is between the lint pot and the pump body (very possible with some pumps) you will see air in the lint pot. Another check is to let any air that may have accumulated in the filter out through the (wait for it) air relief valve. Then let the pump run for a while and see if the air builds up again.

I realize that messing with the valves etc. is beyond the SOP but I’ve been building, servicing and repairing these things for 34 years so I feel confident when I do it.

Thanks for the response Larry - I’ve added the above to my notes.

Glad to be of some help.