Pool Piping Inspection

Reviewing photos of past inspections and came across this…

Appears to be no paint on the exposed PVC piping

I’ll take a stab at it.
4 Parallel pumps at 100 gallons per minute (guess) best efficiency = 400 GPM. Must be a big pool, commercial? Also, they used the 3 HP pumps due to only having 240V single phase where a larger pump, say 6 HP would require 408V 3 phase.
Down to the left of the photo is the heater and typical sand filter.

Just a WAG, I’ve seen 2 parallel pumps in large pools before but never 4.

This was a Residential Installation (new) at a home in Villanova PA.

I am guessing they have several water features, water fall, fountain, etc., a heated pool that can be switched over to just the spa.
I have seen systems like that except that all of the valves could be controlled by a remote.
Did that one have a remote?
What does the pool look like?

I can. My alter ego is a pool contractor.
The pumps do not appear to be in parallel. Most likely for water features. The filter is either a cartridge or DE filter not sand. The pumps and filter look like “Pentaire” brand. The 4 bulbous things that look like expansion chambers are called “Vac-Alerts” they brake the vacuum if the suction should get plugged - VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE - they should be tested at least yearly and adjusted as needed. The "valves with the clear faces and no handle are check valves and usually used when there is a raised water feature or spa to keep them from draining back when the system is off. I’m surprised to see a heat pump so far north. I’m also surprised to see Anthony Silvan still in business. The PVC has UV resistance (or should) and no painting is needed in fact it could be detrimental. There doesn’t appear to be any automation, a shame to spend all that money and then have to turn valves by hand. I could tell you more if you have more pics but what you really need is an experienced pool company to do this one. To tell functionality you need to run every thing and turn valves, better to give that liability to the pool company.


This was a large infinity pool with a spa & waterfall.
The Anthony & Sylvan sign is correct…

My initial post… "Reviewing photos of past inspections and came across this…".

Sylvan designs generally include a great deal of automation with extensive use of Jandy Valves and Controllers for Time, Temperature, Spa, Waterfall, etc…

I can not locate the disc for the rest of the inspection for inspection particulars but here are file pics of the pool…

In regards to my above post:

The A&S pools I was commenting on was the FLORIDA A&S pools (I believe they’re closed now).
It’s obvious from the pictures that the A&S pools in PA does much higher quality work.

THIS is a complicated plumbing system. Residentual pool behind the house of the owner of a large pool company in Naples FL. It has every feature you can think of. :shock:

Was it Jerry Sandusky’s house?

I think Sanputsky lives in Harrisburg…
He will be moving to smaller quarters somewhere in the State…