Pool light switch

This is the only switch for the pool light I could locate. I attached a note I saw in the panel. Comments are welcomed and appreciated.



Probably a switch somewhere else Dylan, and or a remote control. Tell them all you could find was the breaker and ask the current owner if there is another switch.

Did the gfci turn off the light?

It was tripped when I arrived. I turned it on and nothing happened.

It re-started the wire shorting fire in the wall that made the owner turn the breaker off in the first place because of the burnt electrical smell he was experiencing. :stuck_out_tongue: :shock:

Maybe a photo cell somewhere?

Dylan, I see you are right up the road from me. In this neck of the woods, or Cactus I should say, it is very common to switch the pool light with an X-10 device. There will be an X-10 relay/switch located in the equipment area and an X-10 transmitter switch inside the house, usually right inside the door leading to the pool area.

112 degrees today!!! Bet you felt like jumping in that pool!

It was vacant. There was a head dipping.

So the agent tipped you :shock::twisted::smiley:

Geez Barry. That’s classic

Yes, pretty common. I solved a mystery for a friend of mine just last week. He couldn’t understand why his remote control no longer turned on his pool light. After some searching, I found that a contractor working at his house had unplugged the cord to the light from the X10 device located on an outside wall of the house. Yeah, I know several things were wrong with that arrangement, but I was not doing an inspection.

Easy lay-up :smiley:

HA! Nice!