Unusual light switch

Ran across several of these completely silent, push on/push off light switches in a 1978 central Texas duplex and don’t recall ever seeing this kind before. Just thought they were interesting that’s all. Are they common in other parts of the country?

PB on labeled.JPG

PB on labeled.JPG

It s an X 10 switch. It can receive commands from other X 10 devices via PLCs (power line carriers). The part on the bottom is the “disconnect” which you slide over to disable the switch while re lamping etc.

Yep that is what is , Got them all through my home. Works great when your in bed and the kids forgot to turn off the lights

I usually see these for exterior applications, very common for pool and spa lights in my area as well. . .

I guess I don’t understand that…are you guys saying these are remotely controlled? The prior tenant was a security alarm installer and had added several audio and security features to the duplex so that does make sense. Is this an X-10 device?

Update: Looks like that’s exactly what that is… http://www.x10.com/automation/ws467_s.html

OK, got it. I was aware of but have never run across an X10 device before. Jeez, I must lead a sheltered life! The prior tenant was a security system installer and had added several security and audio features to the duplex so that makes perfect sense.

X10 is very versitile. Systems can be as simple as a single controller pulgged into a receptacle to control a lamp to multi location systems (including some 240v devices) that can be used to control water heaters, pool pumps, etc. either with a small dedicated controller or from a PC. They were most popular years ago before low-cost home automation becaome available, but are still useful in many cases.