Now for the Bonus round of what is this...

Is it Pool plumbing hose, vacum cleaner hose, or a proper P-trap???


Looks like a piece of RV portable sewer hose.

I like the p-action going on there with that loop.

Oh, I see you are in FL, that might be a piece of hose for a boat too.

I am thinking that it is a piece of hose from an above ground pool, you know the hose that runs from the pump to the pool for the jets, or the skimmer.

It is just wrong!!!

Its a hose that SUCKS!!

I’ve got about forty feet of it on the pool vacuum if they need more.

I told the buyer the repair would not cost alot just go to the local pool supply store and buy more hose. I did tell him it was wrong because it was not properly attatched. (Missing Hose Clamps):mrgreen: