Pool Under Construction

There are a bunch of us that inspect pools, but I don’t know if many know what’s under the hood of a swimming pool. I have a series of pics that I have taken starting with pool layout up to the walls erected as of today.

The pool is a 33’ X 17’ oblique shape vinyl liner pool. These pics are of the layout. As you can see we moved the steps once.




Thanks, Drew, I’ll enjoy that…:wink:

These pics are of the excavation. We found water in the deep end and had to install a mitigation system. The system is 6 tons of stone, mesh filter, and a pump hose with a foot valve on it. This is buried in with the permanent plumbing. The pump will run, removing ground water until the pool is filled up.

More pix to come.






We ended up taking a few roots out during excavation.



These are a few more pics of the ground water mitigation system. As I said before, this hose and valve assembly stays in permanently. If the liner needed to be changed, or the pool drained for some reason, a pump is hooked to this hose to keep ground water from damaging the pool bottom.

Here is also a pics of the gravel deep end all shaped and pumping out water and of the pump that will be running for a week or two until we get the liner in and water in the pool.





We have pool walls installed today. The walls are 12ga. galvanized steel, with turnbuckle adjustable braces installed. The steps, returns, light housing, skimmers and the related plumbing are all installed in two days!

The pool must get inspected now for a concrete collar that gets poured around the whole perimeter, about 12" thick. Unfortunately the inspector will not be able to show up until Monday, May 3. :shock:






This is the last of my pics until the collar gets poured. The grey housing is for the deep end light. The curled up tubing will get stretched out and get the bottom drain attached to it. This pool has fiberglass steps, which has the black “Graflex” supports holding them up. There is also a pic of the filtration system which is a DE filter, Hayward “Super Pump” , and an inline chlorinator.
The valves will operate the skimmers (2 valves) and the bottom drain (1 valve).






This is great James… THANKS!

No problem. Most of us only get to see the pool and equipment, after it is installed and water is in the pool.

I will take this step by step up until the final inspections. You might have guessed by now, the pool is in my back yard.:wink:

Drew, that is awesome. When you are done you should try to make a slideshow out of it.

A lot has gone on since my last post. The electrical contractor has been by to bond the pool and install the pool electric panel.

The pool walls, ladder cups, light and equipment are all bonded together and connected to a series of driven grounding rods that form a grid around the pool. The rod clamp in one picture is one of many scattered around the pool.





The electric panel is installed and hot. The motor is connected to a two pole 20amp GFCI breaker for 240v power.

The black junction box is for the pool light. It is sealed with a gasket, because the conduit that connects to the light fills with water by design. The gasket helps to seal the pressure in the conduit so that water can siphon higher than the level in the pool.





Today is liner day, so the hard bottom has to be formed first. The bottom is troweled on with a mix of sand, vermiculite and Portland cement. The mis goes on about 2-2 1/2" thick. The bottom drains, which will actually be returns, are completed and set.






Just make sure you give us an address for the pool party. :slight_smile:

Sometime in June! There will be lots of kids though. I cant say how fun it’ll be!:mrgreen:

When are you gonna start on the deck??

When you say deck, are you referring to the concrete deck around the pool? I also have a wood deck off the house that is done and I am staining it now. :slight_smile:

The pool deck should start the end of next week. They are backfilling on Friday the 14th. Then I need to wet the back fill down once a day for 7 days to settle it. Then the deck goes down.

At this point the liner is hung, the bottom (main) drains are cut in and the stairs are cut out of the liner. The vacuum removes air from behind the liner as the pool gets filled with water. The pool will get filled to a point where it reaches the light. That will stretch the liner out some and then the light will get cut out and the pool filled some more. The point to the light is about 7,000 gallons of water.