I have observed some poor electrical work in my life but this one takes the cake I am still shaking my head

Got a “Hot Leg”, huh Charley----:lol:

Don’t I wish;)

That is really crazy though…unreal some of the things we come across—:shock:

Ticking Time Bombs…People are very lucky that they haven’t gone off yet!!

That looks like a temporary hookup that the PoCo never reconnected properly

Gotta love how those nuetral wires are connected!:shock: A whole two strands! Yikes. It looks like you could sneeze near that and the wirenut would fall off and the wires would spring apart.



Sorry guys No Poco on this job I know the guys that do this and they would never have assumed the libality for that. That was a home owner job. There was another splice in the incoming service where the wires had rubbed on the shingles of the hip roof and someone had added pipe to the weather head to raise it above the roof and then re-connected with wire nuts small ones at that. Had home owner wrote all over it or perhaps his brother-in-law

You don’t seem to understand. Nobody said the PoCo did that. It does look like something an electrician or a homeowner did, in anticipation of the PoCo coming back in a few days to connect it properly. This is quite a common thing to do, but sometimes the PoCo drops the ball or the right phonecalls never got made, and these temped in connections end up staying that way.

FPL (Ft Myers) is really pretty good about being there to hook things up for you when you need it so you don’t have to handle the live service conductors at all.
When I did my upgrade they came out in the morning, cut the drop and a few hours later after I got the new meter can and riser in they reconnected it. I was never near the drop myself and happy not to be.

Ok I am with you I did miss understand Greg’s comment but I am not a trusting sole to many rednecks and farmers here that think they are electricians and don’t realize that disconnection and re connection is a free service by PoCo

I’m surprised…a private company… or regulated monopoly?? How long will they do that as their costs rise??

regulated monopoly they are:(