I had a question about this application, is the way they spliced together the services ok, and any other comments welcome…


Service 2.jpg

Do both service entrances need guy wires??

No offense, but what is with the terrible pictures lately some have been posting?
Lately they have been averaging 250 words.

Ok, seriously. From what I can tell neither need a guy. Only the one is carrying the drop and it seems to be in the typical 3’ range.
The other has no drop attached to it so why would it need a back guy?

The way they are spliced is of no concern IMO. This is typically a POCO area, and in this case it looks ok. Can you get a better shot of the main mast and splices? That one neutral looks kind of funny.

Yes and No, the one on the left sure does look like it may if over 4-5 feet…I cant tell but no weight on it…sooo… as the right one may have a guy wire from the looks of the picture on the right…also the “Grounded” conductor termination looks WEAK in my opinion and not well connected.

No drip loops present as well…and NO it does NOT look like a properly done splice location also…I find it VERY hard for their to be a METER on the left mast…looks like a improper tap to gain FREE electrical use…

I can only assume that because I dont see images of the meters…SO…

Question : Are their TWO different occupancies here?
Question : Are their TWO different meter enclosures here?

If NO to BOTH…then it is WRONG…and actually the location for the connection is wrong also…

EDITTED: I wanted to attach an image myself…but can’t get it small enough…SIGH!

Speedy…this would not fly in my area…

Granted we have plenty of Townhomes with a single drop split setup…but each has their own meter system and the connections look far more " Professional" than this setup…

I will agree…it would be NICE to know more about the setup than just an image of the masts…like do they go to different meter enclosures…quite possibly for a seperate apartment??? who knows.

Also…is this an overhang…is it 4’ of less??? is the clearance of the conductors at the lowest point atleast 18" from the roof…

Man I just cant tell from the angle…sorry !

I ggree with Petey. The crimped connection is the border of NESCland and it is up to the PoCo how they want to supply the service point.

How can you verify these splices where made by the POCO…since the wires run from the second mast all the way to the termination point…allowing moisture to enter into the left mast…no drip loops…

Again…whats the full picture…why (2) masts…without being two different setups?

Just can’t leave it as POCO did it…its fine…HI’s have to inspect the service drop that may be visible from the ground…what it the SE Drop was less than 12’ over the residential property…are they not obligated to call that out even if it falls under POCO’s rules?

Guess we can agree to disagree…lol…but we do it nice like…:slight_smile:

From what I can see the left mast is quite a bit higher than the right. I doubt and water is running up hill into the weather head.

One can only assume this is second meter being fed from the left mast. This is usually frowned upon by the POCO but it very typical.
There can be no other explanation. Do you really think if someone were stealing electricity they would do it SO blatantly? And then have it home-inspected?

Again, until we see the whooole picture…who knows.

AHH…yeah…I have seen them use Coffee Lids as Bushings into panels, lunch boxes as junction boxes and in one area PVC SCH. 40 as a mast…supporting a service drop…and ALL got a home inspection when found…lol…

You dont think everyone that gets a home inspection actually owned the house first do ya…now come on Sir Speedy…:slight_smile:

Crap Happens…lol

I bought a house once and it had a welding plug in the rec room .
Thought this was strange .
It was hot so went to the panel and there was two red wires comming in with the mains feeding the plug .
Went out side and there where two red #10 comming out the mask to the incoming lines . No protection . the meter had the seal put on incorrectly so you get the meter off with out breaking the seal .
I expect he had been running a 240 volt heater for free no idea how long .
He was dead I cut the wires pulled them out and told no one What good would it have done then .
So Yes people can and do steal power many different ways .
\ Roy Cooke


I am not saying ANYONE is wrong here…but based on MY experience this setup does not look very POCO friendly…so I would want additional pictures before I just layed a " its ok " statement to the member…so…if you can let us know the following:

1.) Where do BOTH masts go…?
2.) Is their a meter enchosure on BOTH masts…?

Well thats all I want for now…lol…images would be nice…maybe showing how much overhang we have…and so on…

Point is…from those pictures you can’t make blanket statements…I need ot see more but dont really like what I see as a start…thats all…

Roy…could not have agreed more with ya fella…I have seen illegal splices to the “point of attachment” before…all with the purpose to steal…POCO does not come out to monitor anything and it is amazing what you can do with some insulated gloves, split bolts and TIME on your hands for the average home owner…

FYI…do you think people are out their stealing cable TV also…yep…I know a few…

That is a very common installation around here for a two family unit. The POCO only requires one rigid mast for support of the drop, the other one can be EMT for all they care. They do require the two be within 18 inches of each other. As for the H taps, they were used here by the POCO for many years.

A neater installation would use one mast and a gutter, but more work and materials. Plus, the POCO requires sealable screws on the gutter.

Yep…again part of what I am asking the poster…If this is a SFD or townhome setup or what…in regards to the meter enclosures…

Guess we will just have to see…BUT I can say…this is what makes the boards fun…:slight_smile:

I was only addressing whether the PoCo could bring 1 drop to 2 services in one building. I doubt this is rare in a duplex.

agreed…yes they can bring in one drop to two services…but are their REALLY 2 services here…we need more info on this dwelling…Agreed?

In duplexes I do see it…just NOT in the nature THESE images depict…

That would be my question. Is this a single family with a parallel service, or a multi-family structure.

Altough the installation certainly isn’t a “work of art,” I don’t see any red flags.

so…you see no problem with this service IF it is a single family dwelling with this setup…?

Hmmm…I think I just may retire now…

I am starting to think of the what if’s…

The problem is…assuming it is a multi-family dwelling…otherwise I DO see problems…how about the panel and grouping …if this is a single family dwelling…are BOTH masts leading to meter cans…maybe just Virginia does this correctly…maybe I should give UP trying to understand it…???

I did assume 2 meter bases under those masts and two occupancies. Do I owe someone an appology?