Porch slab support

Old home with a poured slab front porch.

The wood framing underneath had failed on one corner leaving the slab unsupported.

Due to the age could it lack the necessary rebar to support itself. My guess would be yes, but the slab was performing.

Bueller anyone??

Without reinforcing steel, it will ultimately fail. How would you determine whether or not it exists, and what makes you question whether it’s there or not?

Wouldn’t be the first time I see the Form Framing for an elevated porch slab left in place after the pour. :slight_smile:

Thats the point. I don’t know so in this case refer to whom? an engineer?
or do I just sugest the repair the framing.

At this point it is performing and may have been this way for quite a while. Dont get too many like this so its an interesting one.
most newer construction is corrugated steel.

You are suggesting a perceived failure and asking a question?

Recommend further review by masonry contractor…
(assuming contractors are licensed in your State)

As Marcel said, it is the Form framing, not Support framing.

The home had some significant settlement issues due to finishing out a attic for an upstairs, and the back foundation wall was leaning inwards slightly.
So it can be rolled in to the rest of the stuff.

You never know what you could get with a 50’s home.

If it’s just the form, it’s simply termite food at this point. Just needs to be removed to prevent ground contact.

Even if you knew that there was no rebar, an engineer would not be necessary. The real consideration is whether the lumber was “supporting,” or if it was the “form-work.” If you think it is supporting lumber, recommend replacing it. If it’s form-work, recommend removing it.

You can always include a note that you are unable to determine if the elevated slab/deck includes reinforcing steel, but if functioning as intended with no visible defects, anything else would be unwarranted.


The concrete appears to be quite old due to the 1x lumber used in its construction. However the floor joists appear to be allot newer. Joist back when that concrete was poured was usually rough sawn and would be very dark in color due to age. This appears to be some type of remodel job. Did the front wall rotate causing the joist to slip off?

was the slab cracked or otherwise distressed?

But, Marcel, it was a handy thing to attach the insul to!:slight_smile:

Its an illusion. All material was the same age. I think the failure was simply due to age and a lesser quality attachement to begin with.

The porch repair was really secondary for an engineer. I would never call for one if that was it but the home had some more significant issues to address. Mainly an attic remodel into a upstairs room that was pushing the ceilings down. So if the guy has to go under the home to begin with might as well take a look. :smiley:

The slab was fine but you never know with old homes. I would rather it be functionaly repaired.