Porch using my client info even though they have been directed not to

Inspection Community, please be aware of the following:

This week, I have had customers contacting me about Porch sales calls about setting up their utilities and other services. I am incensed with them as I have explicitly asked them not to use my customer information in any way.

I have spoken with folks at ISN on two occasions to make this clear. Apparently, they define clarity differently than I do.

To the good folks at ISN. You better step up or you will lose customers. My folks are upset with me, you and the process. You are affecting my business negatively. I cannot have this. You have one more chance to make this right and stop using my customer list as a sales sheet. You are not permitted to do this. I have told you privately and I am now telling you in public. Can I be any more clear!!!

You will cease to use any of my information or my customer information for any future offerings of ancillary services. It is not yours in any way to use. My customers do not want this. They can set up their own utilities by the way. They do not want sales calls. They do not want services like this.

If there is a default in the program or platform that automatically allows for this, you will take this out immediately since you added it. I have unchecked any affiliations. So, I do not know why you feel it was appropriate or why you think you have permission to engage my customers. It is not and will not be or we will end our relationship with you.

Just last week, I was consulted by an attorney regarding a contract between her client (the victim) and a roofing contractor (a Porch participant) that resulted in some very serious legal consequences for the contractor. I would hate to think what would have happened had the unlawful act occurred as the result of a home inspector leaking his victim’s private data to the offender.

No surprise here. Porch has a terrible complaint rate and Porch runs ISN. I think we can all say goodbye to ISN being an honest and reliable provider now that Porch has influence over them.

Buyer beware, especially when dealing with larger companies like Porch. Do you really think they would listen to us and honor our wishes?

It is ridiculous Jim. Pretty brazen move indeed and clear that they want to be a carpet bagger operation. I hope the folks that created the ISN platform jump ship and go some place else.

I had hoped, since that is the way I try to do business. I am weighing a few things. I love the ISN platform and what it has meant to my company. These two things do not fit together. I wish Nick never got involved with this company. I understand the aspects of creating markets and opportunity for sales, but we maintain a pretty strong reputation for not being sales people. My customers do not want to be sold. Either do I.

Sometimes, you can take a great thing and ruin it with excess. We are good at that in America.

Porch is conflicting with my message and my business model. That isn’t going to continue.

FYI I have it from a reliable source that one of the major national franchise operations is pulling all of their order management, scheduling in house and will no longer be using third party vendors such as ISN. This also goes for report software as they use a customized version from a well known vendor who was just bought out.

This is more than troubling.

No surprise here.

No surprise here either. If I am not wrong ISN has their nose in the buy back program where client addresses are being posted. The first time one of my clients are contacted by the so called reputable company called Porch. I will drop the buy back immediately.

I simply no longer enter clients phone numbers into ISN.

I think Nick needs to starting handing out checks on his wall of checks he got from Porch. Each unwanted phone call made will cost Porch $$$. Porch should soon get the message.

I don’t want them even to have an address of my clients, you have an address its not hard to find more information

I’d rather Porch disappear into a black hole, and never be heard from again.

But once the house closes, the address becomes public record, and that is out of our hands.

We recently refinanced our personal house,
Now I keep getting ADT promotional offers weekly.

Buyer beware when using a national known bank to carry your mortgage.

Also in December I purchased a new 2018 Nissan.
Now I keep getting insurance and warranty offers.

Buyer beware if you purchase a Nissan.

This is getting crazy I recently had a call from my insurance company (Farmers) whom covers my Home and my vehicles. It was reported to them that my grandson was living with me and had access to driving my vehicles and that I did not report him as a driver. The truth be known my grandson lived next door to me in my Mobile home, but we shared one rural mail box. He has never driven my vehicles he has his own.

I jumped Farmers insurance about how they get my personal information. They hire a 3rd party company to retrieve information on their clients. This is going to cause me to find another insurance company. **** Farmers

I detect a hint of sarcasm here, am I right?:smiley:

My question would be …
Why do you keep on doing it? Really!
You have a choice.

What makes you or anyone believe that once a company has your clients’ personal information that they would not use it in one way, shape, or form? Simple solution is that any company doing this should be dropped like a hot potato!

I’m sure you are probably already aware of it but the name of one, and not the only but this is the biggest, is Lexis Nexis. Take a look at what they are all about. It is all done legally as well.

We have politicians out there making so many nonsense laws yet they will not tackle this significant problem!

The “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee doesn’t post any addresses anywhere and we don’t give any information to anyone. We don’t even collect it.

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