Porches again

The was a good one.



seeing how the actual bricks are laid, i’d say it wasn’t a “qualified mason” who made those stairs, and by the way the side is collapsing, i’d also think there is no footing under the bricks. major safety issue. not to mention the lack of hand rails.

So those are what they call “bricks”?

If there is no footer (and I don’t think there is) how could the first course have been laid??

very carefully,… in packed dirt. i didn’t use a footing for my chiminea i built. it only lasted 6 years and the same thing happened. but i was 16, and didn’t ask it to carry people.:mrgreen:

I thought bricks were just for patios!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What a waste of effort, bricks, mortar, and time!! Why not simply do it right the first time and not have to do it over again. Besides, now there is the problem of disposing of unusable bricks! Maybe he has nothing better to do with his time? Wow!! Unreal!!
George Maher
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Porch from this morning. Builder is known for framing wood, and pouring concrete over it. No venting, and leaving the wood, bad idea.


This Homeowner wanted to have nice steps.
He poured a concrete slab, bricked up the perimeter of the landing, filled it up with dirt, then poured a cap slab over it, and built the stairs the same way. Ran out of money by the time it came to providing railings for three risers or more and failed to realize that water would find it’s way in the enclosure of the brick fortress supporting the cap slab from the junction of the steps and the house foundation, and would eventually blow out the brick walls. Isn’t Mother Nature a beautifully thing!!. Weep holes, what’s that? Brick buried in the ground, why not? It is a wonderful thing that people like that actually give us some work.

Have a good day.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: