Posibly pedantic drip leg question

I performed an inspection today and while I know that a drip leg or sediment trap should be installed with a t fitting I was unsure as to this specific case and to whether it was correct or incorrect with the additional elbow. This question almost seems pedantic but I want to make sure that I understand this specific setup. And yes I know there are other issues but I’m specifically wondering about the drip leg to the furnace on the right.

I would have installed the drip leg before the furnace gas cock and used a 90 instead of the tee at the furnace. Also would have had the union on the outside of the furnace cabinet.


Thanks, that is what I was thinking as well. Part of me could imagine how this setup would work but it deviates from the recommended installation which had me on my toes.

Why would you do that?
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Edited. I read your comment /question wrong.

The AHJ that I worked with back when I was in HVAC would allow it below the T.

He also would not allow appliance/gas connectors to run through the cabinet. I am located 30 minutes away from where the Pulse furnaces were manufactured. Because of this, they were extremely popular around here. Everyone installed them with an appliance connector. To me, it was more likely to become damaged by being on the the outside of the cabinet and getting snagged or having a kid pull on them.

The sediment trap should be Downstream of the shut-off valve.


I agree with Christopher.

Sediment trap is not allowed before the gas cock.

Where’s the Drip Kid when you need him. He would have educated all of us.


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Wow, just wow!!
I can’t believe after other threads discussing this that ya’ll still get it wrong!!

The primary issue here is that the NG DOES NOT flow OVER the opening to the “leg” to deposit any debris or moisture. IMO, there are two methods to correct this set-up.

  1. move the leg to the other side of the Tee (where it should be),
  2. increase the slope of the horizontal run (to furnace) to at least a 45 degree angle (redneck fix).

The current set-up would only possibly work if the NG was under a high velocity to ‘throw’ any debris/moisture past the Tee!


Looks to me that… the leg on the furnace is incorrect (it’s making its appearance a little late on the gas line route), and the water heater has none at all.
Needs correction. :+1:

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