Possible abestos siding...pic included

Older home…the siding was painted and did not exhibit
crumbling or flaking properties…but it looks like asbestos.
What it is the proper verbiage ?


I believe I obtained this verbiage from this board.

Given the age of the residence, asbestos and lead-based paint could be present. In fact, any residence built before 1978 should not be assumed to be free from these and other well-known contaminants. Regardless, we do not have the expertise or the authority to detect the presence of environmental contaminants, but if this is a concern you should consult with an environmental hygienist, and particularly if you intend to remodel any area of the residence.

The home siding appears to be an asbestos fiber reinforced cement wall shingle product that was popular from the 1920’s thru the 1960’s. While only a laboratory analysis can confirm the presence of asbestos in the siding, it is advisable to treat it as such until such conformation can be obtained. As has been well publicized, asbestos, especially asbestos dust, can be a serious health hazard and a cancer causing product. Leaving the product undisturbed is the prudent policy and observe all safety precautions if repairs, remodeling or demolition of the siding is performed. Click

thanks everybody