Asbestos cement siding?

Hey guys,
Does this look like asbestos cement siding to you?
The house was built in 1948, had knob and tub wiring

I know you guys are REAL good but I guess I should add the photo… :roll:


Asbestos / Mineral Siding…

Although you cannot conform it is ASBESTOS it does have the appearance of Asbestos cement board and will need sampled to prove it.

Not a hazard as it is exterior…

Thanks guys! How would you write it up?

ASBESTOS CEMENT ROOFING, SHINGLES, and SIDING. These products are not likely to release asbestos fibers unless sawed, drilled or cut.

just don’t lick it…also may result in additional future costs as regulations continue to change…

It is,
What it is…

Don’t forget to add POSSIBLE or SUSPECT.

Based on the appearance of the siding and the age of this structure, some, most or all of the exterior siding material may contain asbestos. The client(s) should be aware of this when considering repairs to or replacement of this siding, and consult with qualified testing labs and/or abatement contractors as necessary. For more information on asbestos in the home, visit CPSC:slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel!


Siding is not equated to Asbestos “In the Home”
There is a difference between Interior and Exterior exposures…
your mileage may vary…

Yup, agreed. Thanks for the input!

Logical intent of In The Home would mean any asbestos containing material pertaining to the construction of the Home.
The Interior of the Home obviously is more apt to be dangerous to the Health of the Occupants due to the breathing environment.

It is simply to identify asbestos containing materials on, or within the Home. :slight_smile:

But Siding is Non-Friable Asbestos
also not an inhalation health risk as it is exterior.

Vinyl asbestos floor tile is a non friable product and also a big issue in some jurisdictions…

Asbestos Floor Tile is on the
Interior of the home.

There is a difference between Interior and Exterior Exposures…

Floor Tile and Exterior Siding are not the same…

Joesph is Correct,

Asbestos siding was popular during the era. The guy who had the health risk was the guy who installed it in 1948.

However, the home I would imagine is much older considering it has Knob-n-tube.
It was common for homes to be resided with Asbestos during the 1940’s

There’s some excellent info in the link below posted on my page from the State of Illinois.