Possible causes of water damage?

Master Bedroom door leading outside with signs of water
intrusion…Southern calif. not too much rain. Thinking it may
be sprinklers pointing back at the house ? The house is 4 yrs old
empty foreclosure…




Possible causes of water damage??? WATER

I’m in the east coast so I always recommend storm door installations when they are missing.

Do you have an overall exterior image?

It looks like there is no exterior casing from what little i can see of that door…that would sure cause damage like that…

I agree. With that visible opening at the jamb I would say the water is entering at the wall, not the threshold.

First picture looks like a replacement sweep was installed. Does the door still have the original sweep that comes installed under the door panel. This may be an issue.

Do you have a picture of the top of the door? I will bet wood casing abuts the stucco without proper flashing and/or sealant. The wood side jambs abut stucco and are not sealed. You can see light in picture number 2 where the weather strip is incomplete.

Here’s the pic he sent me…

I gave him my opinion on this.