Possible GFI breaker issue

Bought my first house recently and shortly thereafter we had a few outlets along with our bedroom light that stopped working, assuming they’re related because they went out at the same time. The 3 outlets are in the basement towards the front of the house (right below the bedroom upstairs) in an impromptu shop that was sectioned off by the previous owners. Rewired the breaker labeled “Shop Outlets” and got nothing so I swapped out the outlets and the light switch in the bedroom (nothing seemed loose or burnt) and still got nothing. I noticed a breaker labeled “GFCI” that isn’t an actual GFCI breaker and when I turn it of nothing is affected. Not sure if testing with a standard breaker would be dangerous or if it would even work. Looking for help on the next step to take, hoping I don’t have to hire an electrician. Thanks in advance.

Hire an electrician. The cost of hiring an expert is nothing compared to possibly losing your home or safety to a fire.

you can get yourself a voltage ticker.

My guess is there is a gfci outlet somewhere that you have not found yet. It might be outside it might be somewhere in that basement it could be upstairs in a bathroom and it needs to be reset.

A voltage ticker can at least troubleshoot somewhat. If the voltage ticker doesn’t detect any power in the wires then its unlikey the outlets or switches are your problem.

I wouldnt recommend you do any work in a distribution panel unless you are experienced and confident.

Just in case, … some poeple dont know how to flip breakers. Make sure to flip the toggle all the way off, then all the way on. Some people often get confused when a breaker trips and falls somewhere in between the on and off position. Breakers need to give a nice solid click to actually get flipped back on.

I agree with the others, you’ve gone far enough with your attempt to fix the problem now is time to call a licensed professional. Also this isn’t really a DIY forum but they’re out there if you’re so inclined.

Thanks for the response guys, and sorry, I thought this was DIY place. I do feel confident with circuit breakers and boxes and such though. Had a really great electrician that helped me with a heck of an electrical issue in an old trailer that still had alum wiring, lol. He was nice enough to let me watch and taught me a few things in the three weeks he spent coming back and forth to my trailer. Didn’t think to check the garage for GFI outlet. I know there’s one in my bathroom, but its working fine.

Its ok :slight_smile: This is a home inspector forum, however DIY questions can be posted here:


I agree with Robert. It seems you have already replaced or re-wired a couple receptacles and switches that didn’t need replacing.

While most HI’s here are extremely helpful, to really find out how to troubleshoot your electrical system, maybe visit a DIY forum or find something from Mike Holt.

This isn’t wiring a receptacle. Untrained fooling with wiring can cause fire, death, and property damage.

Mike Holt and ElectricianTalk area sites for professionals only. They will not help a DIY.

Sorry but to me you look like an accident looking for a place to happen .
Much good advice above but are you smart enough to follow it ???

I can’t speak for ET but Jim is correct, over at Mike Holt’s Code Forum we do not allow DIY posts.