New home with lots of electrical issues.

I cover the central Florida area. Yesterday I inspected a new construction home with lots of electrical issues. i.e. None of the bathrooms were GFI protected. and ALL the outlets in the master bedroom, half of the outlets in the living room and one exterior outlet were all on the same circuit as the master bedroom lights. So if you switched off the light switch all the power to those outlet is off as well!
So I’m second guessing everything now.
The Home had (2) 150 amps service disconnects located in an exterior panel and two breaker panels in the garage. When I opened them up I found ALL the neutral wires in the panel to the left. Is this OK? Should the neutrals for the circuits in the panel to the right go back to the neutral bus bar in that panel?
Also these panels don’t appear to be properly grounded? (see photos)
Am I correct or off base here? any insight is appreciated.

thanks Jay

It looks like all the circuits in panel A are 240 volt.

As far as the other issues I am skeptical that someone missed so much. Are you saying one switch controlled the bedroom and living room receptacles and that none were not switched?

The panels are grounded by the bare conductor in the feeder.

The grounding conductors are properly bonded at both panels, with the neutrals isolated as they should be at remote distribution (sub) panels.

As far as none of the bathrooms having GFCI protection it looks like there are several GFCI and AFCI breakers at right side of panel B.

Are you sure none of the bath outlet were gfci protected?
Did you try tripping them?

Where are the arc faults

didnt see the arc faults until I enlarged the picture.

The two neutral bars are connected by that black band. Looks like it’s grounded fine.

As far as the number of outlets or lights, that’s a calculated load per circuit. Doesn’t seem extreme to me to have the master bed and half if living room one one circuit.

The Afgci breakers may or may not needed depending on code.