GFCI won't test or reset

New to the forum, so I apologize to any ignorance with where/how/what to post.

I recently plugged the vacuum into the kitchen GFCI receptacle, and it suddeny stopped working. Wasn’t able to press in the test or reset button at all. The outlet next to it is dead as well. I’ve flipped all the breakers to the off position, then back to the on position. No luck. I’ve replaced the GFCI with a new 20a GFCI from lowes, made sure the wiring was correct. Multiple lamps I’m using to test the power in the receptacle aren’t working. There’s an orange light on the receptacle that is lit, yet no power, and I’m not able to press the test or reset button to trip it. I’ve switched the wiring around on the load/line and the orange light doesn’t light up when I flip the breaker back on, so I switched them back to the previous way, once again, orange light comes back on. I’ve searched for other GFCI receptacles throughout the single wide, and happened to notice the one in the bathroom that works, but I’m not able to press in the test or reset button on it either. Even using some force with a plastic piece to apply direct pressure on the test and reset button, they still won’t click. What on earth is going on here? Every other outlet in the single wide works fine. Appliances in kitchen work fine.

My questions are:

  1. in the kitchen, would it be possible that the breaker is bad instead of the GFCI? The breaker in the panel looks to be 4 breakers made together (unless they’re all singles and just appear to be 1 breaker fuse). From top to bottom: 20, 30, 30, 20. Kitchen is on the 20 on top and 20 on the bottom.

  2. why wouldn’t I be able to press the test or reset button in on a working GFCI outlet in the bathroom?

I appreciate the knowledge of you all and the helpful insight you’re willing to give.

My only insight is to call an electrician before you hurt yourself.

Take Michael’s advice before you burn your house down.

Reset all the breakers , check for another GFCI tripped , then call the electrician


When multiple GFCI outlets on the same circuit, tripping one usually trips all others. You have to start with the first GFCI closest to the breaker box and work your way down stream.

Like someone already said. Verify all breakers are reset. Check all GFCI’s everywhere you have one to see if one is tripped. If so … Reset it. IF not …

It’s broke … Call an electrician.

My GFCI outlet in the kitchen has a blinking red light. I’ve tried to reset and test it. Can anyone help me figure out what might be the issue? Thanks.

You will need a new GFI receptacle if the test button failed. Hire an electrician to change out the receptacle. Seemingly simple projects like changing out a bad receptacle can go the wrong way for the inexperienced. Deal with a licensed & insured electrical contractor.

If there is not another GFCI receptacle upstream, the odds are that you miswired line and load on the unit that you installed.

Like others have said, please get an electrician.

As stated earlier, I have a gfci that would not reset in my upstairs bathroom. I checked an it had tripped the one in the downstairs bathroom. I pushed the reset in the downstairs bathroom, and it allowed me to reset the one upstairs.

Determine the one closest to the main panel, keep that one and replace any other GFIs on the circuit with regular receptacles. You do not need more than one GFI on a circuit.

Sorry…wrong forum. Try visiting an Electrical Forum for electrical advice.

The advice given so far was correct. :smiley:

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(there is more than one gfci in the circuit that needs to be reset, we all know that) :wink:

If the red light is flashing, it’s not an upstream GFCI. He wired it wrong.

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