Possible oversized Evap coil

3 ton condenser with a 66,000 btu furnace and a 4 ton coil. All carrier. Can this furnace carrier 58stx070 push enough air for the 4 ton coil?

No the evaporator coil should never be over 1/2 ton larger or 1/2 ton smaller than the condensing unit. 75K furnace is standard for a 3 ton condensing unit. CFM of air would depend on the furnace blower, could have been changed out for a higher CFM or RPM

Units are 3 years old blower has not been changed out.

Its not a HP is it?? sounds like someone had some left over junk and installed it

Two 3 yr old split systems in a $2m home.
System A 3 ton condenser/ 88k btu furnace with 4 ton coil all carrier.
System B 3 ton condenser/ 66k btu furnace with 4 ton coil all carrier.

Is the 1ton difference on system A okay since it has sufficient cfm?

System B will more easily freeze over because of lack of cfm?

Brian I don’t know where you are located but if that was in my area and even though I am HVAC trained I would Use this statement ( Both A/C units appear to have miss matched Condensing units and A-coils. Recommend consulting with a HVAC contractor and repair if necessary.

BTW what was the SQ FT of the home. I just inspected a 1.2 M home 6500 SQ FT that had 5 split systems installed

It’s 3500sf by the beach in socal. Thanks for your input.

That size home would have to be spray foamed walls and attic for those size A/C units to work adequate in So Cal. Something going on there that I cannot see from here