Possible SCAM warning.

Jeff Sloan here. Im wondering if anyone else has received this. A potential client had emailed me requesting an Inspection on a vacant house in my City. After a few emails and I quoted them my price, I got a lengthy email describing the persons payment ability and situation. “She” stated that she could only pay by Credit card, that she was stuck in a hospital and that she would over pay me so that I may be able to pay the “caretaker” of the residence and that she would compensate me for my troubles. Anyone else seen a simular situation?

yep we all have it comes around regularly . I get about ten a month just send to garbage and block them . Thanks for the report Roy

Yep…common scam.

Alrighty then. Thanks guys. It was a new one for me in this field.

I just got one last week too. I strung them along and got them to give me the card info. I called Mastercard yesterday and they shut the card down and hopefully saved someone from a bunch of hassle…