SCAM Alert

If you get this email. Do not reply, it’s a scammer. I got the email overnight and did a quick google search on the sending email address this morning ( and got lots of scammer results.

Heads up!


[FONT=arial]This is mark,i will like to know if you available for the home inspection of the new house that i just purchase for my mother and what area do you serve then do you accept credit card payment too.[/FONT]

[FONT=arial]Thanks,i will be expecting your reply back asap."[/FONT]

Same email, just asking me for a Fluke meter instead of an inspection.

I got that one as well. Been stringing it along to get the CC number to report it. They want you to run 2000.00 through the CC and send back 1500.00 through Western Union to them. I told them 500.00 is not enough for a 4000 sq ft house and want 1500.00. They usually answer next day due to Nigerian time I suppose.

Just got the same thing yesterday did a search & our forum popped up. Thanks Steve for the heads up.