Another Inspectorseek Scam

Got my first scam today. This time it was from a Cynthia Scott. It came in a set of two emails. First email she stayed how much is my inspection. Second email came today. I copy and pasted it.

She wouldn’t give me an address as she stated she wanted my office address and she would mail me the keys and give me the address through the mail. She wanted to charge the card first seems like. From the first email I knew something was fishy.

Some people, so beware Joe has company:mrgreen:

Dude ! Inspectorseek is a INACHI thing.
As much all can be scammed.

Hey! Are you taking food off of my plate???

Cynthia Scott is MY client!! And I am going to get paid just as soon as that bank in Zimbabwe releases my $500,000.000

just need a small money order please :mrgreen:

Joe’s banging Cynthia. Don’t ask what smells fishy! :freaked-:

LOL, dang JJ your on fire tonight \:D/

Thank you, Thank you very much! :mrgreen:

I had the exact exchange of emails with “Cynthia Scott” today. After the first email about her being hearing impaired and needing to communicate via email, I knew something was up. I still quoted a price and got the exact response email you did. Pathetic scams, I can’t believe anyone would fall for something like this.

I actually found this thread when I searched “scam” after my exchange with this POS. I had no idea scammers targeted home inspectors LOL

I too have had the same exact exchange with “Cynthia Scott”… hate time wasting scumbags

I knew something wasn’t right the way the email was, just didn’t want to judge, but after the second email, I’m good:p

FYI - I just received a Cynthia Scott email this morning. She (it) has been sending me emails for about a week. Same dialogue as the the others. Then I googled Cynthia Scott and scam and it brought me to this page. Big tip-off for me was the change in writing style from the original emails that were very formal in nature to a much more relaxed and obviously not from someone who has english as a first language.

I have to admit I’m so busy it took me a little while to catch on.


I received the same email just this week.


Rich Yelton
Best Home Inspection and Construction Company, LLC

I was just contacted by this scammer a couple of days ago. was the email address.

Chris Quoyeser
National Property Inspections
Austin, Texas

Hahahahaha! That’s golden!

Good afternoon,

I received a couple of emails from ‘Felisha Terrell’ regarding a home inspection. She apparently found me on

After emailing her back to try and get more information, I got the EXACT same email WORD FOR WORD!!

After emailing her(or him) to call them out I haven’t heard from them. :wink:

I’m surprised they would try to scam a home inspector, but I guess they will scam whoever falls for it.

Steve Schultz
Sure-Shot Inspections

There is nobody more gullible than a starving, newbie home inspector!

Bye Felicia :mrgreen:

I had something similar happen to me the other day only the person’s name was William L. Nicherson. The other details of the story are pretty much the same. He has already sent me all of his credit card info,billing address, full name, phone number, etc. Maybe I’m dense but how is this a scam? I mean the stories are too similar not to be a scam. I get that. But whats the angle? He’s not getting anything from me. I charge his card…pull out cash to pay his “caretaker”…then keep the rest to cover the inspection. He doesn’t have access to any of my accounts or anything. So how can he scam me out of anything?

Who processes your credit card transactions?.. Call them and ask them how you can get scammed!