post tension cables

Does anybody know what would cause the end of a post tension cable to protrude the slab 1 to 2 inches. Is it possible for the post tension cable in a monolithic slab to fail and exit the slab in such a way. Any comments or links to information would be usefull. The home is less than a year old.

Thank you .

Cable failure is usually pretty obvious.

It’s possible that the cables were just not cut and sealed properly. A picture would help. . .

In any event James, exposed PT cable is a defect, regardless of why it’s exposed.

Here is an example of cable failure. . .

Jeffrey, thanks. exactly what I was looking for.

A major home builder in the Katy area (Houston) is building a home for me in Westheimer Lakes. The electrical and plumbing are in, windows were supposed to go in today, and inspector is supposed to come out next wk. While doing a walk-thru this wk I noticed a post-tension cable in the kitchen sticking up thru the surface of the concrete, near the elec & plumbing for the island enter the foundation. The builder’s superintendent kinda dismissed the cable issue, saying it was their foundation contractor’s problem. Seems like it’s now my problem and the builder’s problem. Wonder how was it missed on the inspection after the foundation was poured? Do I need to get a structural engineer to write a report, or what recourse do I have to get the builder to address these problems? Maybe they will stack drywall on the cable and hide it from the inspector next week. How does one even repair a post-tension cable coming up thru the surface of the concrete? Thanks your comments & recommendations!

The cable was likely improperly secured into the formwork. Did it come thru the top of the slab b4 or after tensioning? Looks like it was thru the top b4 the slab was poured.

Regardless of the answer, it is the builder’s responsibility to repair this deficiency per instructions written in a letter by the design engineer of record.

Bring this to the attention of the local Bldg. Dep’t and insist that they get involved and help you force a proper resolution!

Do this NOW. Do not wait. Time is your enemy.

Just the slab looks like it was installed by a 3 yr old…pitiful, looks like they sure had plenty of water in the mix…:shock:

It doesn’t look like the cable broke through it looks like it was not properly positioned. The cable is supposed to be located in the middle of the concrete. That cable was located at the top of the concrete and any soup that was on it popped when the cable was tensioned.

Hi Greg, this looks like it wasn’t placed properly as if it would have popped up during tension phase you would likely see wider blowout area.
Did your inspector do a foundation pre-pour inspection for you?
He might have photos of the area before the builder placed the concrete.
If you have any question, give me a call, I’m not far from your area.

I can tell you for certain that this cable didn’t “pop out.” If I were to guess, I’d say the electrician pushed it out of position when installing his “smurf” tubing.

This is just sloppy work and it should have been caught long before it was poured.

I agree!