Post Tensioned Cable failure

Hi everyone. There was a post tensioned cable failure on a post tensioned slab in a residential building. The cable was sticking out and noticeable. A piece of concrete stucco shot out like a projectile motion after the cable snapped. I couldn’t find the anchor plate around the area. I am not sure if the builder didn’t install an anchor plate during construction or what. I have few question regarding this issue.

  1. Do anchor plates required for all post tensioned cables? What will happen if I don’t use an anchor plate?
  2. If the cable snaps, what is the difference between having an anchor plate and without it, eg. damage to the slab, cable stress allowed, etc?

Thank you very much.

a foundation contractor that utilizes a professional engineer for design needs to be contacted to answer your specifics and provide a remedy solution
if you just want to understand & know more about pt foundations & repair
this link’s for you & others needing enlightenment

was there any interior associated damage?
pix & final assessment would be appreciated