Potential Fraud by West Virginia Inspector

We’ve recently been made aware of an instance of potential fraud or theft by a newly licensed home inspector in the West Virginia area. Does anyone on this board, know who or where to go to at the State Level to institue a formal licensing board charge against a Home Inspector if they have been involved in or have committed fraud or theft??

If you or the victim should have strong evidence, the best place to start would be the police. They handle criminal cases and if there is anything for the licensing board to consider it will ultimately get to them for their action.

Is there a home inspector board in West Virginia.

WV HI’s are governed by the State Fire Marshall’s office.
I have my WV license. That’s who you work with.

what happened?

Can’t discuss it yet.

Awww, CMon!! We need that daily dose of “As The HI World Turns”.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Contact the West Virginia Fire Marshal, Sterling Lewis, or Deputy Fire Marshal Anthony Carrico. They will be the ones to contact as far as the HI portion goes. If theft was involved, the State Police will be first, and if a conviction is obtained, then the Fire Marshal.

If you need any contact info, feel free to contact me and i’ll help if I can. ddinspector@yahoo.com