West Virginia Licensing Laws

Does anyone know who or where to go file a complaint against a newly licensed West Virginia Home Inspector if you think they may have committed fraud or theft??

That would be a good question I don’t think there are two states that have HI licensing under the same department.

Ok Hi’s are under the State department of Health who in the world would have guessed that???

This may help:

West Virginia Certification (Title 87-05***) enacted in 2006.*** West Virginia law, “Certification of Home Inspectors,” establishes procedures to be followed to assure that consumers of home inspection services can rely on the competence of inspectors, as determined by educational and experience requirements and testing. As an initial requirement and qualification for certification as a home inspector, every applicant: 1) shall have passed the National Home Inspector Examination; 2) shall either present proof of having conducted business as an inspector for three years prior to August 1, 2006, or proof of satisfactory completion of at least 80 hours of instruction; 3) must have successfully completed high school or its equivalent; and 4) shall present proof of, and shall maintain, general liability insurance in the amount of not less than $250,000.00.
For more information, contact the West Virginia State Fire Marshal at (304-558-2191 or fax 304-558-2537 or e-mail info@wvfiremarshal.org.

Try the West Virginia State Police or local police authorities!

Fraud & Theft are criminal activities not home inspector activities!

What does the person being a newly licensed Home Inspector have to do with it???

Erby -

Beside filing police action - someone may want to file a complaint against this inspector with whatever license board they have there.