Power grid strained - Conserve energy to prevent rolling blackouts in 13 states

Cold snap strains electric grid, users asked to conserve

Simple solution going forward.

Burn more “fossil” fuels.

Burn more fossil fuels?

What do you think they are fueling most of the generators with?

Do you have any awareness of how many coal burning power plants and mines are being shut down?

any at all?

factoid: we flare off more natural gas than we burn for useful purposes.

How dumb is that?

Coal burning plants are being converted or shut down for obvious reasons, but it’s not like they’re not being replaced with higher efficient, more powerful plants.

Your factoid is indeed a dumb thing, you’d think they’d figure out a way to capture & sell that gas.

The obvious reasons are to increase the cost of power which will create many follow problems.

We are busy cutting our own economic throats.

That’s just stupid.

Want to bet what the problem is in the wasted gas?

It’s spelled GOVERNMENT

Here in the northeast we have paper mills shutting down because they can’t afford the spike in natural gas. Not enough space in the existing pipelines.

Here’s a link to one of many article I’ve been reading lately.


Why did I think of this when I read that article?

Just like California built more plants, the NE needs to build more pipelines & have more options concerning the purchase of NG.

Excuse me.

Do you know who stops pipe lines from being built?

Keystone and and Obama come to mind.

I know you know what “NG” is Mike.

I was referring to NG, most in the NE have relied on fuel oil for many years but have been changing over to NG. IMO they need to speed the process up & build more NG pipelines to supply them.

They just built another one headed that way through SW Ohio this past summer.

So do tell me the reason they have not converted oh kevy the wise.

I’ll tell you because I care.


Yep, government AGAIN

Because you care??? for who, me? :smiley:

I care about people being screwed by their government.

You should too.


I’d like to report an escaped NFE thread, be on the look out they are armed and dangerous…

This one hits close to home. I worked for over 20 years in a coal-fired power plant. The last 10 or so were in emissions monitoring, so I know the issues. The EPA kept adding new restrictions that made it cost prohibitive to keep my plant open. So they moth-balled all the coal fueled units, eliminating half of the employees. I could have kept a job, but I was fortunate because I had been working on becoming a HI. So it was a blessing for me; I could leave and make room for a younger guy. But a lot of people hit the street that didn’t want to.
In some of the poorest parts of the country, coal mining is the main industry. A lot of those folks are now out of work. There is a lot of politics in clean air regulations, and also a lot of unproven science. Too bad the ones making the rules are not those that have to pay the price. Last I knew, coal is still our nation’s most abundant fuel resource and prohibiting its use by politically motivated regulations is irresponsible and only adds to our economic woes.
Just my 2 cents. Stepping off my soap box now.

Duke Energy belatedly pledges to overhaul coal-ash storage, after destroying river

By [FONT=inherit]John Upton](http://grist.org/author/john-upton/)[/FONT]
Appalachian Water WatchWhatever you do, don’t touch the water!
For years, environmentalists in North Carolina have been pressuring and suing Duke Energy in an attempt to get the company to clean up its coal-ash disposal sites.
Duke dismissed the enviros and assured federal officials that its coal-ash ponds were safe.
Until — oops! — one of the ponds sprung an epic leak on Sunday, dumping some 80,000 tons of toxic coal ash into the Dan River.
Now, finally, Duke Energy seems to be starting to understand what the enviros have been yammering on about all these years.
“We’ll be taking a fresh look at all of our ash basins and how we handle that after we fix this pipe,” a company spokesman told WSOC TV Channel 9.
Here’s more from the*[FONT=inherit]Charlotte Business Journal*:[/FONT]
Duke Energy Corp. says the ash ponds it has at eight retired plant sites around North Carolina, including the leaking Dan River site in Eden, are outdated and the company plans to change the way ash is stored there.
Spokeswoman Lisa Hoffman says the company is looking at two principal alternatives.
One, called “cap and seal,” would involve draining the water from a site and placing 1.5-inch-thick tarp over the dried ash.
The tarp would then be covered with a drainage layer, cover soil and topsoil and the site would be planted in grass. …
The second method would remove the coal ash from the ponds and bury it in a lined landfill.
That is the alternative favored byenvironmental groups involved in court actions that allege Charlotte-based Duke’s ponds have leaked into rivers,
lakes and reservoirs, and violated state groundwater laws and the federal Clean Water Act.
Yes, finally Duke gets it. All it took was an environmental disaster.


The government spends billions a year to scare people. Everything is bad for you in one way or the other. Funny thing is my Dad is 93. He was around asbestos, lead paint, food that was not preserved, etc. etc. Still loves watching government officials make fools of themselves.

Safer natural plants replacing coal

Great but if you think the price of natural gas is stable you haven’t been paying attention.

Rates are rising just as Obama wanted.