practice inspections

So I’m doing freebies for family and friends. One friend just asked me to inspect a house. Thing is, this is a house she wants to buy. Everyone’s clear on the fact that I’ve not started my business yet and am not E&O covered and it’s free. There will be a realtor there and I’ve got one hour to look around (I told her it takes 3+ hours for a full inspect). Although I’ve got the skills something is telling me this is a bad idea. My friend is trying to find out if there are major concerns with the dwelling. I don’t want a realtor thinking some know-nothing wannabe inspector is going to kill the deal yet if the house is rotting away I’d like my friend to know. Am I crazy to do this or what?

If you lived anywhere else but California I would say do it for the practice. But you are going to find yourself in the middle of a major urination joust if you find anything serious and tell your friend. Seeing as how litigious the State in which you reside is I would probably take a pass. Others, I am sure will have a different opinion; with footnotes and long dissertations of why. Get your pen ready.

What Doug said.:smiley:

Why would the realtor being there limit your visual of the property to an hour.

I would tell him/her this is for a friend and I’m going through it with a fine tooth comb, if you don’t like it have your broker sit here and wait till I’m done.

Screw them realtors, make um wait if it takes you six hours…:wink:

What Doug, Brian, and Dale said.