Pre Inspection Realtor Email

A while back there was a thread that some inspectors send preinspection emails to the Listing Agent with steps to prepare the house for the inspection. If you do this could you share a copy with me?

Thank You

I don’t send letters to Realtors but I’ve got some info. on my site that’ll help you out a bit.

PM me with your e-mail address and I’ll send you a copy of the e-mail I send to the buyer, the buyer’s Realtor and the Listing Agent prior to the inspection.

I had so many requests for the e-mail I thought I’d just post it here:

Schedule email.pdf (19.4 KB)

Big Help Thank You-greg

Small problem

Because of time limits some items can not be addressed.

I would like some test equipment mfg to produce something that we can use to test a home electrical system when power is not on

While this is not a every day problem - it is something that we face - $$ to solve problems of this nature are not high - like maybe $20.00

Like back feed a wall outlet with a tone generator that will allow one to test for open grounds etc.

Same with H20 testing with water turned off –

It is all about return of investment


Looks like the budget is set. Get busy. Let us know when you’ve got something. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Michael -

Check your item #4 - the word “assessable”. Do you mean accessable.


It’s spelled accessible.

Dan, David…thanks! Assessable (able to be assessed or appraised) is an OK word and spelled correctly but a better choice and what I meant to say was accessible. I’ll change that.