Pre license 120 hour course

Hello I would like to start studying to become a home inspector but do not have the funds to pay for the 120 hour course( estimated cost $1,500-$1800). Does anyone know if it is possible to get funding assistance or if there are any florida programs for pre license that are more economical. Thanks

You are going into business undercapitalized IMHO.

In line with Nicks thoughts; the purchase of brochures, insurance, incorporation costs, tools (moisture meter, ladder, drill driver,infrared thermometers, CO sniffers, wiggy, costs in excess of 2k if top end equipment is bought and I do recommend this), report writing platform, will make educational costs look small. Employment with a firm is a consideration; though the smarter ones generally require non-competes even if they are hard to enforce because it gives an employee a moment of pause prior to pulling the trigger on leaving employment. Do a little more research and best of luck whatever you decide.

Home Inspecting is a Profession not an occupation. As a profession, becoming a Home Inspector requires prolonged training and formal qualifications. Home inspection schools in Florida are turning out Licensed Home Inspectors by the hundreds. They are telling their students to pay for their course, buy their crap, and make 100K a year.

Being a Home Inspector, is not a destination you study for, graduate, and move on. It’s just the start of your professional development & continuing education.

Here’s the financial assistance. Join NACHI for 300 bucks, and learn everything you can. Then take the State test.

Good luck.