Newbie Here

Hello everyone… Newbie here considering a career change and becoming a home inspector in Florida. Im getting ready to do the 120 hours here. Question have is on the list of schools there seems to be different types of courses offered to get licensed. The one here is the correct one right?? And is there anything more then getting school, taking the state exam, finger printing?? Im concerned with being a new inspector will there be jobs out there… Any info or suggestions is greatly appreciated… Very nervous about the state exam…

All of the classes are right here. There are thousands of inspectors in Florida, the competition is steep. Good luck!

Your best bet for classes is here on Nachi

I’ve completed my 120 hour class with IFREC in Orlando, live classroom, great instructor bill smith, Flordia state exam was easy to pass through fabi, long as you study you will do just fine

Internachi does have a lot of great information and courses,
for me I wanted a classroom experience rather then online material’s, then again I only heard of internachi after I enrolled with IFREC

Good luck

I started and finished my education right from Internachi earlier this year. Internachi is a great place to get your education and continue it forever. They have many perks to being a member. I passed my state exam 1st time. I have been in construction for 20 plus years also. That helps. Since getting my business up and running, it has been a struggle. I’m also in Florida and there is a lot of competition. Luckily my wife makes good money and I can do side work. If not, I would be starving. Start up cost isn’t to bad but I have learned that you need a good Web presence. That can cost whatever your willing to pay. I’m just trying to give you my experience so you know what can be. I have been getting some work and things are picking up a little. Internachi by far is your best bet for support and help. Without them, I would have been alone in the wilderness.

If you can’t afford proper insurance, don’t even bother starting the process.

Hey James, is it possible we can speak… i sent you a message on facebook… If possible would like to get some imput from you…

Understatement at the least on both :slight_smile: InterNACHI is the best association out there. It is hot as hell down here all the time and you have to deal with part time realtors and their asinine schedules and when you are new it is ALMOST always about the price. What have you been doing?

That’s great advice your giving someone that’s looking for help on becoming a home inspector, he doesn’t need insurance to start his new career as a home inspector

Guy good luck on what ever decision you decide to do, like I stated ifrec was great hands on school 4 me as well as taking test with flordia fabi
As stated in chat bill smith @ ifrec is a great instructor

You’re damned right it is! If he isn’t in a financial position to afford true expenses now, chances are he won’t be when he begins inspecting. We’re not talking Geico car insurance here! If he isn’t aware that professional insurance is going to run him thousands of $$$$ a year, EVERY year, he could be majorly frooked down the road.

Bet this guy wished he made different choices…

I agree. You are more apt to make mistakes in your first 5 years. I, especially in this State, wouldn’t consider starting out without insurance…or maybe one of them we’ll buy your house guarantees! :wink:

Guess you didn’t get my point, he wasn’t asking about insurance, he was asking for some help on schooling!!!
Now he has the information

Thank you for all the advise here, both good and bad… I appreciate about the insurance that was one of the questions I had was cost for the insurance. I tried to google it but couldnt find too much on it. I still would like to pursue this career and see what it entitles. I cant do a classroom setting since i still need to work till i can get started, will do the online classes here on internachi and hope all goes well. Thank you again.

For the other questions, im 49yo. Have done MINOR construction with an uncle of mine, but no where near the experience i would need. So im pretty much starting out fresh. I have technical skills and pretty much a people person so hopefully that will help in this journey…

Thank you for the heads up. Actually found a quote for Florida home inspectors for 500,000 (only 300,000 is required) and its 576.00 a year… not too bad, and not in the thousands so that’s a good sign…

That is GL only, Not professional liability. Wont help you if you miss something

Guy, they are talking about E&O insurance. Your insurance estimate was for general liability insurance. Which does not cover you if you make a mistake on an inspection. E&O can be expensive, especially for new inspectors. Florida does not require e&o but it is protection for you. General liability covers damage to property or if you hurt someone. Hope that helps you.