School is open for Florida HI License

The prices will go up from here

I think we all better call now and see if we can get a group discount

Maybe one person can take the course and teach the rest of us

What will it take to start a new school? Looks likes just a CD

I hope this is NOT true

And what about the testing??

Maybe their add is in error and they will give the $$ back if Florida says the they are not approved


Last I heard the state still does not know what they want, go figure:D

Seems like a little lack of communication here

Law says 120 hrs etc. —

Seems quite clear what the state wants. Just what the schools are going to sell us – a $1000.00 plus CD and yes the state will say “OK”

I am not kidding – can we (Not NACHI) get a group discount??

Best guess is 10,000 inspectors in Florida

I think that even a handyman or a contractor comming into a home to inspect for a job - you better have a license


10,000, WOW, I thought we had a lot!

Everybody is gonna be a home inspector making those big bucks.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Look at it this way; one instructor - 10,000 CD’s -$1000.00 per CD = $10 to the 7th power of $$$ plus the test - plus the license fee to the state

Not bad at our expense ==== that will be passed down to our clients in a slow market

I do think that it is time for a price reduction (

My math says that the average home inspection for me will have to go to the $450 plus area to maintain my current state of living. I also see a pay raise in the plan to up my standard of living


As far as I know, no courses have been approved yet. This same thing happened with the mold bill. Once rumors start floating around that coursed will be required, someone always comes up with an approved course. Ask them who approved this course, and better yet, who set the standards for it.


Just called their 866 number and they said that their web site was in error and the they were going to change it


Dream On,
With even more home inspectors that will come about because of licensing,you’ll be competing with the $149 inspections.