to accounts set up

Good evening everyone, we will be uploading all the accounts from to and on You will receive 2 automatic emails with your accounts info. A password will be generated for you with the option to change it later if you want.

Please do the testing on the demo site only where you can upload reports, download them as a buyer, get the lead emails etc. Right now we have the basic options up:

  • A support ticket system for each inspector to provide support to very likely future client who wants to get in touch.
  • The ability to add comments to each report detail page such repair receipts and repair updates.
  • Option to extend or cancel the report. It is now set to 2 months. When time is almost up, an email notice is sent to extend or let go.
    -Option to associate an agent with the report in order for them to receive the leads info that you also receive.
  • Home buyers have to verify their mobile phone and email in order to download the report. All that info become yours and the associate agent to market your company.

Upcoming this week:

  • option to have an automatic email sent by you to all who downloaded the reports about your services. You will also be able to have a text message sent to them. Those option will also be available to the agent and you will be able to set the time when they are sent.
  • fixing and enhancing the system based on your feedbacks.

Coming this month.

And tons more.


David Asselin